UVB-NB Home Phototherapy Equipment

for the treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo & Eczema using genuine Philips 311nm medical lamps.
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The Four SolRx UVB‑Narrowband Device Families:

E Series Expandable 1

The SolRx E‑Series is a narrow 6‑foot, 2‑bulb panel that can be used by itself, or expanded with similar Add‑On devices to build a multidirectional system that surrounds the patient for optimal UVB-Narrowband light delivery.12.5″ wide x 73″ high x 3.0″ deep. US $1295 and up

The SolRx 1000‑Series is the original Solarc 6-foot panel that has provided relief for thousands of patients worldwide since 1992. Available with 4, 6, 8, or 10 Philips Narrowband UVB bulbs.29″ wide x 72″ high x 3.5″ deep. US$2595 to US$2895

SolRx 550

The SolRx 500‑Series has the greatest light intensity of all Solarc devices. For spot treatments, it can be rotated to any direction when mounted on the yoke (shown), or for hand & foot treatments used with the removable hood (not shown).  Immediate treatment area is 18″ x 13″. US$1195 to US$1695

100 series

The SolRx 100‑Series is a high performance 2-bulb handheld device that can be placed directly on the skin. It is intended for spot targeting of small areas, including for scalp psoriasis with the optional UV-Brush. All-aluminum wand with clear acrylic window. Immediate treatment area is 2.5 x 5 inches. US$825

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Has Psoriasis got you thinking you'll never wear shorts again?

UVB-Narrowband home phototherapy can make it happen!

Worried about your Vitiligo?

Repigment now with Narrowband UVB phototherapy.

Considering biologics for Psoriasis?

Did you know that UVB-NB phototherapy is recommended before you try biologics?

Tired of wasting time at the phototherapy clinic?

Home phototherapy is equally effective and so much more convenient.

What Can We Help You With?


Home UVB Phototherapy Benefits

Save Travel Costs

Eliminates time consuming trips to the phototherapy clinic. Stop driving, parking, and waiting.

Efficient & Private

Go directly from a shower or bath to your UVB-NB lights, in the privacy of your own home, anytime you want. UVB Narrowband treatments are only minutes long.

Accessible & Affordable

Provides access for those too far from a clinic. The government’s own “formulary” says that phototherapy is to be tried before resorting to expensive and risky biologic drugs.

Stay On Schedule

Compared to phototherapy at a clinic, home phototherapy makes it much easier to keep your treatment schedule. Fewer missed treatments means much better results!

Health Insurance Coverage

Many private insurance plans will cover the purchase of our devices, check your insurance plan before ordering.


Safe & Effective

Many decades of use has shown that UVB phototherapy has minimal risk of skin cancer. It’s drug-free and safe for children and pregnant women.


Reduce Topicals

Can reduce and often eliminate the use of messy topical creams and ointments; saving time, money, and hassle.


A Long-Term Solution

Can be safely used to control your skin disease for many decades, with the bonus of keeping your Vitamin D at significantly elevated levels for other health benefits. Most people with skin diseases are also Vitamin D deficient.

Quick Facts

Best of the Sun

It is the naturally occurring UVB in sunlight that heals psoriasis and makes Vitamin D in the skin. SolRx devices make this same UVB using special medical fluorescent lamps.

Skin Better in the Summer?

Many psoriasis sufferers find that their skin gets better in the summer. This is a great indication that UVB phototherapy will be effective.

Low Maintenance

Home UV light therapy units require practically no maintenance. The bulbs last 5 to 10 years or longer.


Boost Your Vitamin D

UVB light makes large amounts of Vitamin D in your skin. Not surprisingly, most people living far away from the earth’s equator are Vitamin D deficient, especially in the winter.

Accurate Dosing

With their digital countdown timers and predictable lamp output, SolRx devices provide much more consistent UVB dosing than natural sunlight. It is important to avoid skin burns.

Clinics Prove It

Phototherapy works – there are over 100 government funded clinics in Canada. They can be found in hospitals, dermatologist’s offices and some physiotherapy clinics.


Compatible With Other Treatments

UVB can be safely used in conjunction with most other treatments including topicals and biologics.

Only the Best Wavelengths

SolRx Narrowband UVB devices provide only the most therapeutic wavelengths of UV light, while minimizing the potentially harmful non-therapeutic wavelengths.

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“The gentleman who answered the phone when I called once was great! Based on use from March to December it has improved about 50%… I am so pleased SOMETHING is working. It is easy and chemical free! I am hopeful that one day all the spots will fill in and that I won’t have to use it other than for maintenance. Sure, it’s a great system.”

Tiffany, ON, Canada – Vitiligo patient

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“My chronic eczema has improved to a state of being a manageable condition. My overall satisfaction level with this product is excellent. I previously needed to attend the dermatologists office x3/week. To be able to achieve this therapy at home is very convenient!

Steve, BC, Canada 
Eczema patient

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My condition has improved 100%. I am 100% satisfied with the product and wish I had done this years ago. Not only do I feel better, I save a lot on prescription cost. More people should be aware of this method of treatment.

Don, SK, Canada
Psoriasis patient


“We are very pleased with the Solarc system and feel that it has greatly improved our daughter’s quality of life.”

Cathy, NS, Canada
Psoriasis patient

Don't let your skin stop you.

Find out how Home Phototherapy can help you manage your skin condition.