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Editable Letter Templates:  (MS-Word .doc)

Patient’s Letter to Insurance Company

Doctor’s Letter of Medical Necessity

Phototherapy Calendars:

Keep track of your treatment times and results. Click here to go to Solarc’s Phototherapy Calendar Webpage to download free phototherapy treatment calendars.

Standard Information Package (SIP):  (Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

Standard Information Package (SIP) for USA & International customers. This 3.8 MB PDF file includes all the individual PDF files listed below and provides almost all the info you will need for home UVB phototherapy. Note: The document is 31 pages and preferably printed double-sided. The only other files that you may wish to download are the editable MS-Word letter templates listed at the bottom below (“Patient’s Letter to Insurance Company” and “Doctor’s Letter of Medical Necessity”).

Individual File Downloads:  (Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

Important New Medical Study: “Are Narrow-band Ultraviolet B Home Units a Viable Option for Continuous or Maintenance Therapy of Photoresponsive Skin Diseases?” Discover why UVB home phototherapy is an effective alternative to clinic phototherapy in this study of 25 patients using Solarc devices in the Ottawa area. Reprinted with permission from Volume 10, Issue 5 of the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery; an official publication of the Canadian Dermatology Association. (189kB pdf)

Brochure – SolRx E‑Series Expandable Phototherapy System

Brochure – SolRx 100‑Series Handheld Small Spot & Scalp Treatment

Brochure – SolRx “Clinic Rated” 550UVB‑NB‑CR with optional Positioning Cart – For Phototherapy Clinics only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Understanding Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Article

Home Phototherapy Testimonials Sample

The Ottawa Home Phototherapy Study Summary

Tips for Insurance Reimbursement Includes “Patient’s Letter to Insurance Company” and “Doctor’s Letter of Medical Necessity”.

Other Downloads:

Brochure – “Medical Treatment With Phototherapy” Philips Publication# 3222 635 67398 2013 (Large 2.0MB pdf) This 28-page booklet is written for the layperson and provides an excellent overview of this subject. Chapters include: The Human Being and Sunlight in history, Light in prevention, Therapy and rehabilitation, Side effects, Characteristics of optical radiation, Optical properties of the skin, Artificial light sources, Clinical references on usage of Philips UVB Narrowband (TL/01), Pertinent references, and Lamps and their applications.

Brochure – “Philips Lamps for Phototherapy Treatment” Philips Publication# 3222 635 67128 Aug 2012 (Large 5.2MB pdf) This 12-page brochure provides a detailed and specific description including dimensions, wavelength, features, benefits, and specifications of the various lamp products that Philips offers. These include UVB-Narrowband, UVB-Broadband, UVA (PUVA) and Jaundice phototherapy lamps.

Brochure – Philips Effective Light Therapy Philips Publication# 3222-635-46751 Sept 2007 (512kB pdf) This 4-page brochure provides spectroradiometric, dimensional, and electrical information for Philips’ medical fluorescent ultraviolet bulb types; including the /01 Narrowband UVB 311 nm, /12 UVB-Broadband, /09 UVA (PUVA), and /10 UVA-1.

Booklet – Philips “Light Sources for Photobiology & Phototherapy” (Large 2.4MB pdf) This 26-page booklet is written for the layperson and provides an excellent overview of this subject. Chapters include: The human being and sunlight in history; Light in prevention, Therapy and rehabilitation; Characteristics of optical radiation; Optical properties of the skin; Artificial light sources; and Lamps and their applications.

How to Read Solarc/SolRx Model Numbers (pdf)