UVB Narrowband Home Phototherapy Equipment

pour le traitement de Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema & Carence de Vitamine D avec de véritables ampoules médicales Philips UVB de Bande Etroite.

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The Four SolRx UVB Phototherapy Device Families:

E Series Expandable 1 cabine de lumière

The SolRx E‑Series is a narrow 6‑foot, 2‑bulb panel that can be used by itself, or expanded with similar Add‑On devices to build a multidirectional system that surrounds the patient for optimal UVB Narrowband light delivery. 12.5″ wide x 73″ high x 3.0″ deep.   US$1295 and up

cabine de lumière

The SolRx 1000‑Series is the original Solarc 6-foot panel that has provided relief for thousands of patients worldwide since 1992. Available with 8 or 10 Philips Narrowband UVB bulbs. 29″ wide x 72″ high x 3.5″ deep. US$2595 to US$2895


SolRx 550 cabine de lumière

Le SolRx Série-500 a la plus grande intensité de lumière de tous les appareils de Solarc. Pour le traitement des zones, il peut être tourné vers une direction quelconque lorsqu’il est monté sur la base de position (illustrée) ou pour les traitements des mains & pieds utilisé avec le capot démontable (non illustré). L’aire de traitement immédiate est de 18″ x 13″ pouces. US1195 à US$1695

100 series cabine de lumière

The SolRx 100‑Series is a high-performance 2-bulb handheld device that can be placed directly on the skin. It is intended for spot targeting of small areas, including for scalp psoriasis with the optional UV-Brush. All-aluminum wand with clear acrylic window. Immediate treatment area is 2.5″ x 5″. US$825

Google Reviews for Solarc Systems

  • Avatar Shannon Unger ★★★★★ a week ago
    This product has changed our lives! Using the Solarc light panel my Dad bought a Solarc for his very severe psoriasis back in 1995 literally changed his life so positively, his skin is virtually clear since using it. About 15 years ago, my psoriasis got really bad so I would go to my parents and use the light and I am now blessed with clear skin also. Recently my 10 month old grand daughter has broken out with terrible eczema and I contacted Solarc to see if she would be a candidate to use the panel and they have suggested a different type of bulb from the ones we had back then but with dermatologist supervision she can have clear skin too! I HIGHLY recommend this company and their products and advise. Thank you Solarc!
  • Avatar Louise Lavigne ★★★★★ a month ago
    I started suffering from psoriasis about 8 years ago and at first it was quite manageable and could be treated with cortisone creams but it worsen with time. I have been able to control the major flair-ups with phototherapy at my dermatologist's office but with the pandemic this spring that wasn't possible. This company was recommended by a dermatologist to my daughter who also has psoriasis. I used to have to drive 30 minutes for a 5 minute treatment and then drive back at least 3 times a week. I finally purchased a 10 bulb wall unit and it is the best decision I have ever made for my skin. The results are amazing and the convenience of using this unit in the comfort of my own home is fantastic. After 8 weeks of treatments every 2 days, I am once again in remission and my skin is clear. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend this company.
  • Avatar Nancy Leston ★★★★★ a week ago
    Since I live rather remotely, I decided to buy a five unit system (one master and four add-ons) instead of driving four hours round trip for less than a minute of phototherapy in my dermatologist's office three times a week. It was a life changer. Talk about convenient.
    The service was great when I bought the system in 2012, and again today when I called parts that went missing when the unit was packed up for moving.
  • Avatar Guillaume Thibault ★★★★★ a month ago
    I'm really happy with the purchase. Excellent customer service too! 5 stars!
  • Avatar Kathy D ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I purchased 2 panels of Solarc systems early March. I have been faithfully using it for at least 4 to 6 days per week. This has changed my life without having to use prescription drugs or steroids or travelling to get this treatment. I have psoriasis all over my body...and my psoriasis is almost gone in a month and a half. I have soft skin and the scales are smooth and just look a little pink now. I will be able to wear shorts this summer unlike last summer.
    Thankyou Solarc this is a game changer.
  • Avatar Jeff McKenzie ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I have been dealing with psoriasis for quite some time now. After using the light I can say with the utmost confidence that it works and would suggest it to anyone who is suffering from a similar condition. Could not be happier with the product as well as the service that was provided for me. All around, exceeded my expectations and I now have clear skin.
  • Avatar Graham Sparrow ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I have mild eczema, and bought an 8 bulb system 3 months ago.
    I was taking phototherapy sessions at a clinic, and found it helpful ,but travel, and wait times took a lot of time, and now with Covid-19, the phototherapy is closed
    These units are well made, reliable, and safe when exposures are monitored by a dermatologist.
    They arrive ready to use, and attach to the wall easily and only 6 inches deep. My skin is almost clear, and the itch is almost all gone....
  • Avatar Eric ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    We have been using our 8 bulb vertical wall unit for several years. The results my wife has experienced have been a godsend to her MF diagnosis . She was diagnosed with mycosis fungoides ( form of cancer) which has caused her remarkable red spots over much of her body and it was freighting to us all. Initially and for the previous 5 years was diagnosed as eczema! that changes once she seen a proper dermatologist. These red blemishes left untreated could become tumours - we initially contacted Solarc about replicating hospital treatment at our home.....what we got from Solarc was more information and links to information the led us to better understand what we were dealing with - we cannot say enough good things about these people - the information provided also help us decide what equipment we needed and would be best - we reviewed all that was sent to us with our specialist assigned to my wife case. They fully endorsed our plan and reviewed all the specifications which added to our confidence … More - today we are happy to report that she is near free of any blemishes and stays that way with regular exposure to the light treatments - All i can say is that we are glad we picked up the phone and called Bruce and company at Solarc - these people are game changers and could not say enough good things.
  • Avatar Guy Constantin ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Je suis très satisfait de mon appareil. Je suis enfin en mesure de contrôler mon psoriasis !
  • Avatar Ali Amiri ★★★★★ a year ago
    My dad and I have loved using our Solarc machines the last 6 years. For my dad it literally has changed his life. He used to have to drive with gloves on due to the sun and would never have had any sun exposed to his skin without having crazy reactions... probably due to the liver toxicity from taking prescriptions medications for many years. So he didn't go out into the sun for around 20 years. He uses his Solarc machine daily and the last few years we have traveled to Thailand twice, Mexico twice and Cuba... and each time he swam in the ocean and was able to be out in his swim shorts and in the sun and ocean without any problems. He would not have ever even dreamed of being able to do that before... so yea, your machine has literally changed his life! Thank you for making such amazing products!!! For me it has helped with depression over the long rainy Vancouver winters. Everyone in Canada should have one of these!
  • Avatar David Nixon ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I am 24 years old and have been struggling with psoriasis for years. I tried many different creams and medications but nothing seemed to work. After getting a Solarc light system I have seen drastic improvement with my skin and can't imagine getting through a winter without it.
  • Avatar Libby Nixon ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    This device was exactly what I needed, I have seen great results and the team couldn’t have been more knowledgeable or helpful!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Can We Help You With?

psoriasis cabine de lumière
vitiligo cabine de lumière
cabine de lumière

Home UV Phototherapy Benefits

Economisez en Coûts de Déplacement

Éliminez les pertes de temps provoquées par les voyages à la clinique de photothérapie. Evitez la conduite, les stationnements et les attentes.

Efficient & Privé

Aller directement depuis la douche ou la salle de bain à la lumière, dans l’intimité de votre propre maison, quand vous le voulez. Les traitements UVB de Bande Etroite sont seulement quelques minutes de long.

Accessible & Economique

Fournit un accès pour ceux qui sont trop loin d’une clinique. Même le « formulaire » du gouvernement dit que la photothérapie est l’option à essayer avant d’avoir de tenter des médicaments biologiques coûteux et risqués.

Rester sur le Calendrier

Par rapport à la photothérapie dans une clinique, la photothérapie à la maison fait beaucoup plus facile votre emploi du temps de traitement. Moins de traitements manqués veut dire des résultats bien meilleurs!

Couverture par l'Assureur de Santé

De nombreux régimes d’assurance privés couvriront l’achat de nos appareils, vérifiez votre régime d’assurance avant de commander.


Sûr & Efficace

Plusieurs décennies d’utilisation a montré que la photothérapie UVB a un risque minimal de cancer de peau. Il est sans médicaments et sans danger pour les enfants et pour les femmes enceintes.


Réduire Topicals

Peut réduire et souvent éliminer l’utilisation de crèmes et onguents topiques malpropres; un gain de temps, d’argent et de tracas.


Une Solution à Long Terme

Peut être utilisée en toute sécurité pour contrôler votre maladie de peau pendant de nombreuses décennies, avec le bonus de garder votre vitamine D à des niveaux significativement élevés pour d’autres avantages de santé. La plupart des personnes avec de maladies de peau ont également une carence de vitamine D.

Quick Facts About UVB Light Therapy

Le Mieux du Soléil

C’est l’UVB qui se trouve naturellement dans la lumière du soleil celle qui soulage le psoriasis et fait produire de la vitamine D dans la peau. Les appareils SolRx font ce même type d’UVB en utilisant des lampes fluorescentes médicale spéciales.

Peau Mieux en Eté?

Beaucoup de personnes souffrant de psoriasis constatent que leur peau est mieux en été. Ceci est une bonne indication que la photothérapie UVB sera efficace.

Faible Entretien

Les appareils de phototherapie UV à la maison ne nécessitent pratiquement pas d’entretien. Les ampoules durent de 5 à 10 ans ou plus.


Boostez Votre Vitamine D

La lumière UVB fait de grandes quantités de vitamine D dans votre peau. Sans surprise, la plupart des gens qui vivent loin de l’équateur de la terre ont une carence en vitamine D, surtout en hiver.

Dosage Précis

Avec leurs compteurs numérique à rebours et une sortie d’ampoule prévisible, les appareils SolRx offrent un dosage UVB beaucoup plus consistante que la lumière naturelle. Il est important pour éviter les brûlures de la peau.

Cliniquement Prouvée

La photothérapie fonctionne. il y a plus de 100 cliniques financés par le gouvernement en Canada. Ils peuvent être trouvés dans les hôpitaux, les bureaux de dermatologues et des cliniques de physiothérapie.


Compatible avec d'Autres Traitements

L’UVB peut être utilisé en toute sécurité en conjonction avec la plupart des autres traitements, y compris topicals et biologiques.

Seulement les meilleurs longueurs d'onde

Les appareils UVB de Bande Etroite SolRx ne fournissent que les longueurs d’onde les plus thérapeutiques de la lumière UV, tout en minimisant les longueurs d’onde non-thérapeutiques et potentiellement nocifs.

left slider spacer cabine de lumière


“Le monsieur qui a répondu au téléphone quand j’ai appelé une fois était génial! Sur la base d’une utilisation de mars à décembre, il s’est amélioré d’environ 50% … Je suis tellement heureux que QUELQUE CHOSE fonctionne. Il est facile et sans produits chimiques! J’espère que celui-ci jour tous les spots se rempliront et que je n’aurai pas à m’en servir autrement que pour la maintenance. Bien sûr, c’est un super système “

Tiffany, ON, Canada – Patient atteint de vitiligo

left slider spacer cabine de lumière


“Mon eczéma chronique s’est amélioré pour devenir un état gérable. Mon niveau de satisfaction globale avec ce produit est excellent. J’avais auparavant besoin de me rendre au bureau des dermatologues x3 / semaine. Pour pouvoir suivre cette thérapie à domicile, c’est très pratique! “

Steve, BC, Canada
Patient atteint d’eczéma

left slider spacer cabine de lumière


“Mon état s’est amélioré à 100%. Je suis 100% satisfait du produit et j’aurais aimé le faire il y a des années. Non seulement je me sens mieux, mais j’économise également beaucoup sur les coûts de prescription. Plus de gens devraient être conscients de cette méthode de traitement . “

Don, SK, Canada
Patient atteint de psoriasis


“Nous sommes très satisfaits du système Solarc et pensons qu’il a considérablement amélioré la qualité de vie de notre fille.”

Cathy, NS, Canada
Patient atteint de psoriasis

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