500-Series Positioning Cart For Clinical Use

The 500-Series Positioning Cart is designed to hold one or two 500-Series devices and allow them to be individually moved and rotated to provide a multitude of treatment possibilities. Most commonly, this is for simultaneous hand and foot treatments with the hoods installed, but the devices can also have the hoods removed and be positioned as vertical panels, along with many other combinations.

The 500-Series Positioning Cart is shipped partially assembled and includes adapter brackets that must be fastened to each 500-Series device. The 500-Series devices are not included.

US $495.00

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Quantity one (1) new SolRx 500-Series Positioning Cart for clinic use with one or two 500-Series phototherapy devices. Provides multiple adjustable positions for each device and a top shelf. Designed and manufactured in Canada under Solarc’s ISO-13485 Quality System. Complete with:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction, powder painted white, fastened with carriage bolts & nyloc nuts
  • Four (4) non-skid polyurethane casters with brakes
  • Top shelf
  • Cantilever Plates (4)
  • Adapter brackets for mounting to the 500-Series devices (500-Series devices not included)
  • Shipped partially assembled