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550UVB-NB-CR (Clinic Rated)

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The SolRx 550UVB-NB-CR is a powerful Hand / Foot & Spot Treatment UVB-Narrowband 311 nm phototherapy lamp that is “Clinic Rated” (CR) for heavy use in a hospital, dermatologist’s office, or phototherapy clinic. Unlike competitive units, the versatile 550CR can be quickly converted from a traditional hand & foot configuration with a hood to a spot treatment configuration for nearly any other area of the patient’s body. A single 550CR can be used by itself, or two devices can be mounted in the optional Positioning Cart for simultaneous hand and foot treatments.

Versus competitive devices that use 8 or 10 older-style single-tube 20-watt TL20W/01 bulbs, the 550UVB-NB-CR uses 5 modern twin-tube 36-watt Philips PL-L 36W/01 “long compact fluorescent” bulbs, which provide considerably more UVB-Narrowband irradiance, shorter treatment times, greater patient throughput, and lower re-bulbing costs. For special applications, the 550CR can alternatively be fitted with bulbs of several different UV wavebands including UVB-Broadband, UVA (PUVA), and UVA1. Please contact Solarc for more information.

The main difference between the in-home 550UVB-NB and the clinical 550UVB-NB-CR is that the “CR” device has an internal fan to help keep the patient and the device cool during heavy use, straps to keep the hood in place when the device is rotated from horizontal, and electrical Risk Class 2G labeling (hospital-grade low leakage).

The powerful and versatile 550UVB-NB-CR is in use at many phototherapy clinics and dermatologists’ offices in Canada. Please contact Solarc for references.

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The 550UVB-NB-CR is a UVB-Narrowband Hand / Foot and Spot Treatment device that has a treatment area of about 2 square feet and is Clinic Rated for heavy use in a phototherapy clinic. It uses 120-volt, 3-prong grounded power supply and draws about 1.8 amps. The 550CR is designed and manufactured in Canada under Solarc’s ISO-13485 Quality System, and is compliant with both Health Canada and the US-FDA.

The 550UVB-NB-CR is supplied fully assembled and complete with:

  • Special inspection labeling for Risk Class 2G (hospital grade low leakage)
  • 5 new Philips PL-L36W/01 UVB-Narrowband (311 nm peak) bulbs. Each bulb has 36 watts of power, for a device total of 180 watts
  • High performance blower fan system to remove excess heat from the hood area
  • Hand & foot hood, removeable without the use of tools, enables unit to be tilted to any angle
  • Wire guards over the bulbs, requires tools for removal
  • Mounting yoke, allows adjustment of unit 360 degrees any direction, removeable
  • Digital countdown timer, 0-20 minutes
  • Detachable power supply cord, hospital grade, 10 foot long
  • Switchlock with 2 keys, keys are common to all Solarc devices
  • Three (3) pairs of UV protective goggles, FDA compliant
  • User's Manual
  • Warranty (2 years parts, 6 months bulbs, normal wear and tear excepted)
  • Shipping included to most locations in Canada and USA
  • Dimensional drawings available on request

The 550CR can alternatively be supplied with UVB-Broadband, UVA (PUVA) or UVA-1 bulbs, but User’s Manuals are not available for these special wavebands. For more information, please contact Solarc.

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions31 × 17 × 18 in
SolRx Device Family


SolRx Models


Device Weight

40lbs (18kg)

Device Dimensions

31 x 18 x 17 inches (79 x 46 x 43 cm)


UVB Narrowband (311 nm peak, Philips /01)

Bulb Part Number

Philips PL-L36W/01 (36 watts per bulb)

Electrical Requirements

120-volt, 60Hz, 3-prong grounded power supply (15 amp)

Alternative Wavebands

UVA-1, UVA (PUVA), UVB-Broadband, Please contact Solarc for more information

International Voltages

Only available as 120-volt, 60Hz, 3-prong grounded power supply (15 amp)


Health Canada Medical Device License #12783, US-FDA 510(k) #K031800