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SolRx HEX Full Phototherapy Booth for Clinics

US $14,995.00

The all new SolRx HEX is an E-Series 24-bulb UVB-Narrowband Full Booth intended for use in a phototherapy clinic.

At less than half the cost of any other clinical-grade phototherapy booth on the market, the SolRx HEX combines power with affordability. The SolRx HEX is an assembly of six E-Series 4-bulb devices to form a hexagon, with two adjacent patient entry doors. A plastic baseplate holds the devices in position at the bottom, and locking struts firm up the assembly at the top.

The SolRx HEX comes with clear acrylic windows for complete lamp protection, utilizes a passcode locking timer to prevent unauthorized use, and can be assembled and ready to use in under an hour.

See the description below for more details and contact us today for further questions.

Control System

The SolRx HEX “C01” password-enabled control system allows the clinician to set and lock the treatment time and then leave the area to go on to other tasks. When ready, the patient starts the treatment from within the booth by pressing the start/stop button on the controller. Once the treatment is finished, the bulbs turn off automatically, the timer beeps, and the control system re-locks to prevent the patient from taking another treatment (with the previous treatment time shown in case it was not recorded).

The Master device is typically used as the left “door”, so the controller is accessible to the clinician when the door is open. It is complete with a patient-accessible emergency stop push button should they need to stop the treatment. Using it locks the controller. The Master device is also equipped with a keyed switchlock so the booth can be electrically disconnected and fully locked out, which is recommended practice at the end of each day.

The SolRx HEX does not have a "dosimeter". Treatments are given in minutes:seconds. For a discussion of this topic see "Timed treatments versus dosimetry" at this link.


The SolRx HEX can operate on 208V (typical for commercial buildings) or 230-240V (as in a private residence), at 50hz or 60hz. It requires a dedicated 208-230V single-phase 15-Amp 2-pole circuit breaker and a NEMA 6-15P receptacle as shown below, by others. The total current draw is nominally 10 amps. An IEC-C19 to NEMA 6-15P SJT14-3 (14 gauge, 3C) power supply cord is included. All devices must be GROUNDED.


The SolRx HEX is modular, with one “Master” device controlling five (5) ADD-ON devices, all assembled onto a 1/2" thick plastic baseplate. This means that:

  • Each device is easy to handle, weighing less than 50 lbs, and complete with a heavy-duty handle on each side. The entire assembly can be moved by sliding the baseplate on the floor - casters are not necessary. This is in stark comparison to other clinical devices, which are huge unwieldy things.
  • The system ships in six (6) boxes (with the bulbs installed) plus the baseplate, all by courier or truck. To save costs, setup is easy so just like our many home users, the clinic can do it themselves in typically 3-4 hours, instead of a Solarc technician. Again, in stark comparison to other clinical devices, which command additional fees for delivery and setup.
  • In the unlikely event a device ever fails, another can be shipped (typically from stock) and the failed device returned in the same packaging, again saving costs by not needing a Solarc technician. This is again in stark comparison to other clinical devices, which command an expensive visit by a factory technician.
  • If you ever need to move, simply disassemble the booth into six easy-to-carry devices. Alternatively, you can disassemble them into pairs of devices and for transport fasten them so they face each other with the bulbs totally protected.

The all-important total life cost of the SolRx HEX is therefore typically much lower than that of other clinical booths.

Clear Acrylic Windows for Safety

Instead of traditional wire guards, each device in the SolRx HEX is complete with a Clear Acrylic Window (CAW) to prevent bulb damage and potential patient harm, including from touching the hot ends of the bulbs. (We believe that only the Daavlin Neolux also has a CAW.)

CAWs allow the patient to move freely within the booth without concern, and CAWs significantly reduce dirt buildup on the bulbs and around the bottom lamp holders. CAWs free the clinician from worries about device damage and patient harm, especially if some patients have poor balance.

The CAW material itself has about a 10% loss of transmitted UVB-Narrowband irradiance, but Solarc tests show that is compensated by the cooling provided by the fan in each device, which draws air in from the bottom and out the top, where it can be removed from the room if necessary using a room ceiling fan (by others).

Solarc strongly recommends CAWs for clinics.

Other Features

The six devices of the SolRx HEX are assembled onto a baseplate that sits directly on the floor, to eliminate the need for a patient platform to treat the lower legs. Other booths are on casters that elevate the entire booth several inches and therefore require a patient platform. The SolRx HEX baseplate is made of 1/2" HDPE plastic, has a textured surface for safety and is anti-microbial.

Inside the booth, two sturdy handles on opposite sides are available for the patient to steady themselves.

For partial body treatment, any number of devices can be disconnected at the daisy-chained connection cables at the top of the devices, which can save valuable bulb life.

The Solarc SolRx HEX is complete with 24 genuine Philips TL100W/01-FS72 UVB-Narrowband 6-foot bulbs.

What's Included With Your Booth

All SolRx HEX units come completes with 24 Genuine Philips TL100W/01-FS72 UVB-Narrowband Lamps installed and ready to use. The unit also comes with a detailed User’s Manual including treatment time guidelines to use as a reference when establishing patient treatment times.

The SolRx HEX also includes a warranty of 2 years on the device and 6 months on the bulbs. Our Arrival Guarantee also ensures that your unit will arrive in perfect working condition.

The device also comes with 12 UV Protective Patient Goggles and 1 pair of UV Protective Staff Glasses. Most clinics consider purchasing more UV Goggles and distributing them to patients for use during their sessions.

Additional information

Shipping Weight

Shipping Dimensions

Device Weight


Device Dimensions

73" Tall x 43.5" Deep x 42" Wide


UVB Narrowband (311 nm peak, Philips /01)

Number of Bulbs ►

Bulb Part Number

Philips TL100W/01-FS72 (100 watts per bulb)

Alternative Wavebands

UVA (PUVA), UVB-Broadband

Electrical Requirements

208 volt, 50/60Hz, dedicated 208-230V single-phase 15-Amp 2-pole circuit breaker and a NEMA 6-15P receptacle, 230-240 volt, 50/60Hz, dedicated 230V single-phase 15-Amp 2-pole circuit breaker and a NEMA 6-15P receptacle