Philips PL-S9W/01/2P Bulb

PHILIPS 9-watt twin-tube 2-Pin Short Compact Fluorescent UVB-Narrowband (311 nm peak)

The PL-S9W/01/2P is used in most UVB-Narrowband handheld devices worldwide. Twin-tube with built-in starter and 2 end-pins. The devices listed below may use more than one bulb. (Note: In about 2017, we expect some European handheld devices to start using a new 4-Pin version of this bulb).

Fits SolRx: 100‑Series Hand-held devices

Also fits: Most UVB-Narrowband handheld devices including: National Biological Corporation DermaLume 2X & Dermalight 90 (made for NBC by Dr. Honle), Daavlin Dermapal, Dermfix 1000MX, Sigma SH1 & SH2, Kernel KN4003B & KN4003BL & KN4006B & KN4006BL, Dr. Honle Dermalight 80, Waldmann UV109, UV-Biotek Hand-Held Wand (made for UV-Biotek by Kernel).


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UVB-NB (311nm) Narrowband UVB


2 Pin Compact Fluorescent




6.5 inches


T4, 1/2 inches (12mm)