Philips TL100W/01-FS72 Bulb

PHILIPS 100-watt 6-foot “Short Length” High-Output UVB-Narrowband (311 nm peak)

The bulb measures 69.75″ end-to-end and is dimensionally interchangeable with FS72T12 bulbs. Fits most North American devices built after 2003 including Solarc SolRX devices, National Biological, Daavlin, Ultralite, UV-Biotek, Psoralite, and others.

Also known as a National Biological Houvalite or Daavlin FS72T12/NBUVB/HO bulb.

Can be used for converting older UVB-Broadband or PUVA devices to UVB-Narrowband. Similar to TL100W/01 except shorter – check part numbers before ordering.

Note for older devices: On Philips production, lots of these bulbs from about 2003/2004, the “FS72” portion of the part number was not printed immediately behind the “TL100W/01” portion. Look elsewhere on the etch stamp for a small “FS72” to identify these bulbs. This was later corrected.

Fits SolRx: E-Series, 1000‑Series 6-foot (post-2003 devices – production lots S and up, including lots 10A & up).

To see a video of how to change the lamps in your SolRx 1000-Series device, click here. 

Also Fits: Most North American 6-foot devices built after 2003 (Daavlin, NBC, Ultralite, UV-Biotek, Psoralite, Richmond Light Company / Jordan Light)

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UVB-NB (311nm) Narrowband UVB


Recessed Double Contact (RDC)




69.75 inches


T12, 1 1/2 inches (38mm)