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SolRx E-Series 6-Bulb Add-On (230V)

US $1,995.00US $2,495.00

The SolRx E-Series system is “Expandable”. The Master device can be used by itself, or at any time one or more Add-On devices (such as the E760A-UVBNB 230V shown here) can be connected to increase the number of bulbs and reduce the patient’s total treatment time. The Add-On devices don’t even have to have the same number of bulbs as the Master device. The only limits are the total number of bulbs in the system, as detailed in the Additional Information section below (which for standard household power of 120V is 12 bulbs for E740M & E760M, and 10 bulbs for the E720M; and double that for 208-230V devices).

It takes only minutes to connect the E-Series Master and Add-On devices together using the built-in hinges and to connect the electrical cables between the devices. Plastic sliders on the bottom and handles on the sides allow the devices to be individually positioned to create any multi-directional shape desired, from a large flat panel, to fold up on each other for storage, and countless positions in between. All units are shipped fully assembled and are US-FDA and Health Canada compliant.

Please note that Add-On devices will not operate without a Master device.

To learn about the possible maximum size and bulb configurations of the E-Series phototherapy system, please click the button below.


E-Series Add-On devices are used to expand an existing E-Series System. They do not have a built-in timer or a power supply cord so they cannot be operated by themselves – a Master device is always needed first. An E-Series Add-On device is supplied with hardware to connect the hinges and a set of thin “Gap Seals” that can be used if necessary to cover the gap between adjacent devices.

Add-On devices include a 4-year product warranty, a 1-year bulb warranty, an arrival guarantee, and free shipping to most locations in Canada and the USA; all included in the price.

There is nothing else you need to purchase to expand your existing E-Series System and reduce your treatment times.

Additional information

Shipping Weight

Shipping Dimensions

Device Weight

50 lbs (23 kgs)

Device Dimensions

73 × 21 × 3.5 in (185 × 53 × 9 cm)


UVB Narrowband (311 nm peak, Philips /01)

Number of Bulbs ►

Bulb Part Number

Philips TL100W/01-FS72 (100 watts per bulb)

Alternative Wavebands

UVA (PUVA), UVB-Broadband, Please contact Solarc for more information

Electrical Requirements

120-volt, 50/60Hz, 3-prong grounded power supply

Other Voltages


Health Canada Medical Device License #12783, US-FDA 510(k) #K103204


Add-On, Add-On + Patient Fan, Add-On + Clear Acrylic Window