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SolRx UV-Brush

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For scalp treatment, the optional UV-Brush accessory can be quickly fitted to the SolRx 100-Series wand. The small hollow-tipped cones (or “bristles”) efficiently move the hair out of the way and allow the light to reach the scalp skin. The UV-Brush is attached to the wand using the same grooves as the aperture plates. This takes only seconds and no tools are required. Note how the UV-Brush flexes to conform to the shape of the head and increase the device’s contact area.

The UV-Brush is used by first parting the hair in the vicinity of area to be treated. Then, with a swirling motion, moving the array of cones closer to the scalp until they are touching or nearly touching the scalp skin. The desired result is that the bulk of the hair will reside between the brush cones (or "bristles"), leaving the cone exit holes with a good view of the scalp, and with only limited blockage by the remaining hair strands. This is, however, an inexact process that is dependent on hair length, thickness, and user skill.