UV Protective Patient Goggle – Amber Tint

UV Protective Patient Goggle – Amber tint with clear plastic storage tube & lid. For patient use during UV treatment; provides good visibility. Amber colour allows viewing of red timer displays found on many devices and efficiently blocks ultraviolet (200-400 nm) and blue light (400-500 nm). The headband and nosepiece are adjustable. The headband is made from white FDA rubber (non-latex). Includes clear storage tube so patient can easily carry in a jacket or purse. The label on the storage tube includes a white area for writing the patient’s name, which is useful when the goggles are stored at a phototherapy clinic. Good for an unlimited number of uses providing that they are not exposed to solvents or other damaging chemicals. These are the same goggles supplied with the SolRx phototherapy devices. UL-listed and made in USA.

US $12.00

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The amber tint phototherapy goggles meet the following standards: Canadian Radiation Devices Regulations & US-FDA 21CFR1040.20 (Spectral Transmittance: less than 0.001 for 200-320 nm and less than 0.01 for 320-400 nm) and ANSI RP-27.1-05 Section 4.3.2 Retinal Blue Light Hazard Exposure Limit (300-700 nm); when used for typical medical fluorescent ultraviolet phototherapy exposure times. To prevent cross-contamination, many clinics purchase these goggles and require that each patient purchase a set.

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