SolRx 500-Series

Hand/Foot & Spot Mid-Size Device
Models: 550, 530, 520

uvb narrowband 2045a Solrx 500-Series

The SolRx 500‑Series is a powerful mid-size UVB-Narrowband phototherapy device with a treatment area of about 16″ x 13″ (208 square inches). This portable unit is designed for maximum versatility in a compact, cost-effective package. With both mounting yoke and hood removable, there is a myriad of treatment possibilities. It can be set up for Spot treatment of nearly any area of the body, or it can be used as a Hand/Foot unit, just like at the clinic. It uses exactly the same medical UVB-Narrowband bulbs as at the phototherapy clinic. Modern 36-watt Philips Narrowband UVB PL‑L36W/01 “Long Compact Fluorescent” bulbs provide significantly greater UV light output than competitive devices using older 20-watt “T12” bulbs, which means shorter treatment times for you.

uvb narrowband 2167 Solrx 500-Series

An independent medical study has shown that these Solarc designed and manufactured devices are “very effective in comparison with hospital therapy.” The study confirms that “all patients on home therapy were satisfied with their treatment, plan to continue it, and recommend it to others in similar situations.” All units are shipped fully assembled and are US-FDA and Health Canada Compliant. All pictures were taken with real UVB-Narrowband bulbs.

uvb narrowband 6049a Solrx 500-Series

The mounting yoke (cradle) allows the device to be tilted to any angle for Spot treatment of nearly any area of the body. The treatment distance is 8 inches (20cm) from the wire guard. A handle at the top of the unit makes it easy to move around.

uvb narrowband 4057b Solrx 500-Series

With the mounting yoke removed and the hood installed (no tools required), the device can be used as a dedicated Hand/Foot unit, just like at the clinic. In this case, the treatment distance is at the wire guard.

uvb narrowband 3332b Solrx 500-Series

Solarc’s 500‑Series “Narrowband UVB” units use Philips PL‑L36W/01 bulbs. These are exactly the same type of UV phototherapy bulbs we supply to clinics all across North America. Solarc Systems is Canada’s only authorized OEM and distributor for Philips medical UV lamps. We are located near Barrie, Ontario, Canada; about 1 hour north of Toronto.

are narrowband uvb units viable Solrx 500-Series

These are the same devices praised in the University of Ottawa Division of Dermatology home phototherapy medical study: “Are Narrowband Ultraviolet B Home Units a Viable Option for Continuous or Maintenance Therapy of Photoresponsive Skin Diseases?”

iso 13485 phototherapy Solrx 500-Series

Solarc Systems has been ISO-13485 certified for the design and manufacturing of medical ultraviolet phototherapy equipment since 2002. We were the first North American phototherapy manufacturer to achieve this designation. All SolRx devices are US-FDA and Health Canada compliant.

uvb narrowband 3358 Solrx 500-Series

All SolRx devices are designed and manufactured in Canada. The SolRx 500‑Series was designed in 2002 by a lifelong psoriasis sufferer, professional mechanical engineer, and ongoing user of SolRx UVB-Narrowband equipment.

Spot Treatment


uvb narrowband 1153b Solrx 500-Series

For spot treatment, the device is usually fitted to the mounting yoke using the black hand-knobs on each side. To rotate the unit, the knobs are loosened slightly and then re-tightened. Special friction washers provide smooth movement and positive clamping.

Through the use of various height platforms, nearly any area of the body can be targeted. Four rubber bumpers on the bottom of the yoke provide solid footing and the handle at the top of the unit makes it easy to move around. As shown, the 5‑bulb model 550UVB‑NB with yoke weighs only 22 pounds (10 kg). The models with fewer bulbs weigh less.

Note: Patients that have many different areas of the body to treat will require multiple device setups. This could result in a rather long time needed to complete all the areas. These patients may have better long-term results by using a full‑body device such as the SolRx E‑Series or 1000‑Series.

uvb narrowband 220t Solrx 500-Series

The device can rotate a full 360 degrees all around! Just loosen the black hand-knobs on each side.

uvb narrowband 4019 Solrx 500-Series

Tilt the unit to provide maximum coverage of the treatment area. The spot treatment distance is 5 to 9 inches from the wire guards.

uvb narrowband 4054 Solrx 500-Series

It is perfect for facial treatments, as is often required for vitiligo patients. It is important that the UV protective goggles always be worn.

uvb narrowband 60491 Solrx 500-Series

Or treat the elbows for psoriasis. There is very little set-up time between positions.

uvb narrowband 6052 Solrx 500-Series

It can be tilted upside-down, so the tops of the feet can be treated.

uvb narrowband 6077 Solrx 500-Series

And quickly rotated for psoriasis treatment of the knees. There are many, many treatment possibilities.

uvb narrowband 7022 Solrx 500-Series

Some people keep the unit under a desk for convenient foot treatments.

uvb narrowband 7012 Solrx 500-Series

For storage, tuck it away in a closet. It can also be stored under a bed with the yoke on if there is 8″ clearance, or with the yoke off if there is 7″ clearance.

uvb narrowband 6059 Solrx 500-Series

With a sturdy handle, compact dimensions, and light weight, you can take it anywhere!

Hand & Foot Treatment


uvb narrowband 2021 Solrx 500-Series

For hand and foot treatments, the device is supplied with a removable hood that limits exposure to only the hands or feet, while minimizing UV exposure to other parts of the body, such as the face.

The mounting yoke can be used to allow the main unit to rotate to a comfortable position, or the yoke can be removed completely so the main unit rests on the floor or a desktop in a traditional Hand & Foot arrangement. Both the yoke and the main unit have rubber bumpers on their bases.

The hand and foot treatment distance is at the wire guard, which maximizes UVB-Narrowband light power and allows you to rest your hands or feet during treatment. Periodically the hands or feet should be moved on the guard to ensure uniform coverage.

uvb narrowband 5039 Solrx 500-Series

With the mounting yoke installed, the main unit can be tilted to any comfortable treatment position. In this example, the bottom of the feet can be treated first, then, in just a few seconds the hood can be removed and the main unit tilted downward to treat the tops of the feet.

uvb narrowband 3274 Solrx 500-Series

The yoke can be detached by removing the black hand-knobs on each side. No tools are required.

uvb narrowband 3204 Solrx 500-Series

With the yoke removed, the device takes on the traditional hand and foot arrangement, just like at the phototherapy clinic.

uvb narrowband 4057 Solrx 500-Series

Hand treatment with hood installed and yoke removed. The hands are simply flipped over to treat the other side.

uvb narrowband 5043 Solrx 500-Series

Treating the bottom of the feet with hood installed and yoke removed. 

uvb narrowband 2137 Solrx 500-Series

Optionally, the yoke can remain attached and rotated around the back as shown. Note the four rubber bumpers on the base of the yoke.

uvb narrowband 5046 Solrx 500-Series

The hood weighs about six pounds and fits over the wire guard. It just lifts off of the main unit. No tools are required.

uvb narrowband 2199 Solrx 500-Series

The all-steel hood measures 18 x 13 x 9.5 inches high. There are no custom plastic parts to UV-age, crack and break.

Ultraviolet Bulbs & Model Descriptions


uvb narrowband 3404 Solrx 500-Series
philips solarc Solrx 500-Series

Another important feature of the SolRx 500‑Series UVB-Narrowband device is its far superior power density. Most competitive devices use eight or ten 20-watt, 2-foot long single tube “T12” bulbs, (Philips TL20W/01) for a total of 160 to 200 watts of bulb power. These bulbs have a published 5-hour UVB radiation of 2.3 watts each.

The SolRx 500‑Series, on the other hand, uses up to five modern 36-watt “long compact fluorescent” twin-tube bulbs, (Philips PL-L36W/01) for a total of 180 watts of bulb power. Benefited by their superior shape, these smaller yet more powerful bulbs have a published 5-hour UVB radiation of 6.2 watts each; 2.7 times that of the TL20 bulbs, with only 1.8 times the input power.

What does this mean to you? More UV light intensity (irradiance) means shorter treatment times, while still providing adequate coverage for hand/foot treatments & spot targeting.

It also means an overall smaller device, less weight, and far better portability. Other benefits include lower re-bulbing costs because there are fewer bulbs and the two rival bulb types have about the same cost. PL-L36W bulbs are also considerably more robust than the TL20’s, reducing any chance of breakage.

Click here for more info on phototherapy bulbs.

understanding narrowband uvb Solrx 500-Series

Narrowband UVB is now the worldwide treatment of choice for psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema. More than 99% of SolRx devices use this waveband. UVB-Narrowband also makes large amounts of Vitamin D in human skin, up to the equivalent of 20,000 IU per full-body treatment.

Click here to go to our “Understanding Narrowband UVB” article.

uvb narrowband 3313 Solrx 500-Series

After removal of three fasteners on one side of the guard, the guard swings open to access the bulbs. For most home phototherapy users, the bulbs last 5 to 10 years or even longer. 

uvb narrowband 3293b Solrx 500-Series

The anodized aluminum reflectors behind the bulbs reflect about 90% of incident UVB light and are mirror-like in appearance. They greatly improve the device’s UV light intensity, which is also known as “Irradiance”, and typically expressed in milli-watts per square centimeter (mW/cm^2).

The various 500-Series models all use the same main frame, and differ only in the number of ultraviolet bulbs. Within the model number, the second digit indicates the number of bulbs. For example, a 530 has 3 bulbs. The 500-Series is almost always supplied as UVB-Narrowband using Philips PL-L 36W/01 bulbs, but UVB-Broadband is also available using PL-L 36W-FSUVB bulbs (non-Philips brand), in which case the model number has only a “UVB” suffix, such as “550UVB”. Solarc also has bulbs for UVA (PL-L 36W/09) and UVA1 (PL-L 36W/10), but User’s Manuals are not available for these variants, so patients will have to consult their healthcare professional for treatment protocols. Solarc may also be able to help by supplying information from our library.

A device with more bulbs has greater UV light intensity (irradiance) and thus shorter treatment times. It follows that the best device value can be determined by simply comparing the cost-per-watt. For example, for a 550UVB‑NB, divide its cost by its 180 watts of bulb power, and compare it to that of other competitive units. The 500‑Series typically has the lowest cost-per-watt and the highest value, not to mention its far greater versatility.

The pictures below describe the various models. 

Solrx 500-Series

550UVB-NB 180 Watts

The 550UVB‑NB is the most powerful and popular device in the 500‑Series family. It will provide the shortest treatment times and the most uniform UV-light at the guard surface (no spaces between bulbs).

The 550UVB‑NB‑CR is a special “Clinic Rated” unit designed specifically for heavy use in a phototherapy clinic. It has a blower fan to keep the hood and bulbs cool and is electrically rated for “low leakage” hospital use. Home users do not need to consider this model. Hospitals and clinics can learn more on the 550UVB‑NB‑CR webpage.


Solrx 500-Series

530UVB-NB 3 Bulbs, 108 Watts

The 530UVB‑NB is a good choice for basic “Spot” treatment. It provides reasonable treatment times for most patients. Those treating thick psoriasis on the hands or feet need more UV light to penetrate the lesions and therefore should instead consider the 550UVB-NB, because its greater irradiance will significantly shorten treatment times, and it has better UV-light uniformity at the guard surface (no spaces between bulbs).


Solrx 500-Series

520UVB-NB 2 Bulbs, 72 Watts 

The 520UVB‑NB is the least powerful 500‑Series UVB-Narrowband device. It is suitable for people that require lower dosages, such as vitiligo patients; or for those needing to treat only small areas, such as the fingers. These patients might also consider the smaller 18-watt  SolRx 100‑Series Handheld.


Product Details


uvb narrowband 1164a Solrx 500-Series

The controls for the SolRx 500‑Series Hand/Foot & Spot device are easy to understand and operate.

A digital countdown timer provides timing control to the second, and has a maximum time setting of 20:00 minutes:seconds. A rather useful feature of this timer is that it always remembers the last time setting, even if power is removed from the device for a long time. This means that you will always be presented with your last treatment time setting for reference. Your treatment time is set by simply pressing the up or down arrow keys, and the UV bulbs are turned on/off by pressing the START/STOP buttons. The bulbs turn off automatically when the timer counts down to 00:00, and then the timer resets to the last treatment time. The timer’s red display digits are easily seen through the amber coloured patient goggles supplied. The timer does not require prescription refills from your doctor.

A keyed switchlock is the main power disconnect for the unit. By removing and hiding the key, unauthorized use can be prevented. This is an important feature, especially if kids are around, because mistaking this medical UVB device for a UVA tanning machine can result in serious skin burns, as tanning treatment times are typically much longer.

The labels are made from Lexan® and will not fade.

uvb narrowband 6074 Solrx 500-Series

The 500-Series device uses a standard 3-prong grounded wall outlet as found in nearly all homes in North America (120 Volts AC, 60 Hertz, single phase, NEMA 5-15P plug). There are no special electrical requirements. For our international customers with 220 to 240 volt supply power (50/60Hz), Solarc stocks the 550UVB-NB-230V.

uvb narrowband 2096 Solrx 500-Series

For ease of transport, the power supply cord is detachable from the main unit. The cord is about 3 metres long (~10 feet), which minimizes the chances that you will need an extension cord.

uvb narrowband 33131 Solrx 500-Series

The electrical components are assembled together on the main frame and accessed by removing the back cover. All electrical components are UL/ULc/CSA listed. The ballasts are of the modern high-frequency electronic type to maximize UV output and minimize weight.

uvb narrowband 2139a Solrx 500-Series

For maximum durability, the frame is made from 20 gauge steel (about as thick as a dime) and then powder painted white to create a beautiful, long lasting finish. There are a minimum of plastic parts to UV-age, crack, and break. Cleaning the device is simple, just take it outside and blow it out with clean compressed air.

uvb narrowband 2107 Solrx 500-Series

The device is mated to the yoke using a black hand-knob on each side of the device. To rotate the unit, the knobs are loosened slightly and then re-tightened. Special friction washers (in brown) provide smooth movement and positive clamping.

uvb narrowband 2089a Solrx 500-Series

The device is hand assembled by Solarc in Canada using plated machine screws with nylon insert locknuts wherever possible. These locknuts ensure that the joints stay tight and the unit stays rigid. The device is shipped fully assembled.

Users Manual & Treatment Method


Solrx 500-Series

A comprehensive User’s Manual is a critically important part of the 500-Series Hand/Foot & Spot device. The SolRx User’s Manuals have been continuously developed for over 25 years by Solarc employees that are also patients actually using SolRx devices, and vetted by a variety of dermatology experts. The information provided allows you to safely maximize your treatment results. Most importantly, it includes detailed exposure guidelines with treatment times for psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema). The Exposure Guideline Tables shown provide a complete treatment protocol based on your skin type (not relevant for vitiligo), the power of the device, and the UV-waveband. The 500‑Series User’s Manual is available in English, French, and Spanish. It is printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and bound in a 3-hole folder, so you can easily photocopy pages as needed.

The User’s Manual also includes:

  • Warnings about who should not use the device (phototherapy contraindications)
  • General warnings about UVB phototherapy and equipment safety
  • Installation considerations, assembly and setup
  • Exposure guidelines including skin type determination, positioning and other tips
  • Usage guidelines & treatment procedure
  • Psoriasis long term maintenance program
  • Device maintenance, bulb replacement & troubleshooting
  • Several years of Solarc’s uniquely useful Phototherapy Calendar

The value of this User’s Manual has been recognized by the Ottawa home phototherapy study which stated: “Nurses and dermatologists who do not operate a phototherapy centre should be aware of the detailed instructions provided by Solarc Systems. Their [the dermatologist’s] role becomes more one of professional follow-up rather than one of education on the operation of the home unit.”

Spot Treatment: The following pictures show some of the many possible Spot Treatment positions:

For spot treatment, the patient maintains a minimum distance of 5 to 9 inches from the wire guard and uses a specific Spot Treatment Exposure Guideline Table to determine treatment times. The treatment area can be further limited by blocking with clothing. Spot Treatment can be useful to determine a patient’s response to Narrowband UVB phototherapy, before introducing full body treatment using a larger device. 

uvb narrowband 4019f Solrx 500-Series


uvb narrowband 6049f Solrx 500-Series


uvb narrowband 5025f Solrx 500-Series

Face and hairline

uvb narrowband 4033f Solrx 500-Series

Side of torso

uvb narrowband 6050f Solrx 500-Series

Elbows crossed to block face

uvb narrowband 6052f Solrx 500-Series

Top of feet

uvb narrowband 4035f Solrx 500-Series


uvb narrowband 5026f Solrx 500-Series

One knee

uvb narrowband 6054f Solrx 500-Series

Side of lower leg & knees

uvb narrowband 4051f Solrx 500-Series

Back with partial blockage using clothing

uvb narrowband 5027f Solrx 500-Series

Side of leg

uvb narrowband 6077f Solrx 500-Series

Both knees


Hand & Foot Treatment: The following pictures show some of the many possible Hand/Foot positions:

For hand or foot treatments, the patient rests their skin directly on the wire guard and periodically changes the position to ensure even coverage (because the guard wires block some of the UV light). A specific Hand & Foot Treatment exposure guideline table is used to determine treatment times. The Hand & Foot treatment times are less than the Spot treatment times because the skin surface is closer to the light source.

uvb narrowband 4057f Solrx 500-Series


uvb narrowband 5039f Solrx 500-Series

Feet with mounting yoke installed

uvb narrowband 5043f Solrx 500-Series

Feet without mounting yoke

uvb narrowband 5046f Solrx 500-Series

Hood removal – no tools !

Scope of Supply (What You Get)


uvb narrowband 20211 Solrx 500-Series

The SolRx 500‑Series Hand/Foot & Spot Treatment Unit is supplied with everything that you need to start your treatments, including:

  • The SolRx 500‑Series device; is fully assembled and tested per Solarc’s ISO-13485 quality system
  • Removable Hand/Foot Hood
  • Removable mounting yoke & hardware
  • New ultraviolet bulbs, burned-in and ready for use
  • The SolRx 500‑Series User’s Manual, with detailed exposure guidelines for psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • One set of ultraviolet protective goggles with a clear plastic storage tube, for use during treatments
  • Two keys for the switchlock
  • Detachable 3-prong power supply cord, 3m/10ft long
  • Heavy duty export-grade packaging
  • Home Phototherapy Product Warranty: 4 years on the device; 1 year on the UV bulbs
  • Home Phototherapy Arrival Guarantee: Protects you in the unlikely event the unit arrives damaged
  • Shipping to most locations in Canada

There is nothing else you need to purchase.
Please see the pictures below for more details.

uvb narrowband 3332a Solrx 500-Series

All devices include a new set of Philips PL-L36W01 UVB Narrowband bulbs. The bulbs are burned-in, tested in the device to ensure proper UV output, and ready for you to use. But first – please read the User’s Manual.

uvb narrowband 3369 Solrx 500-Series

The device includes the valuable SolRx User’s Manual, one set of UV blocking goggles, two keys, and a detachable power supply cord. It is very important that you read the User’s Manual before operating the device.

warranty 10001 Solrx 500-Series

Solarc’s Home Phototherapy Product Warranty is 4 years on the device and 1 year on the UVB bulbs.

Our Arrival Guarantee means that in the unlikely event that your unit arrives damaged, Solarc will send the replacement parts at no charge.

shipping included canada Solrx 500-Series

Shipping is included to most locations in Canada. Extra charges apply for “beyond points”. The 500-Series devices are always in stock, so you can get your unit quickly. In Ontario, this normally means 1-3 days delivery. In Canada-East and Canada-West, shipments are usually delivered in 3-6 days.

uvb narrowband 1112 Solrx 500-Series

The device is fully assembled and packaged in a heavy-duty box with interior foam bolsters. The box is 30″ x 17.5″ x 17″ high. The unit is shipped with the bulbs in place. Removal and setup takes 5 to 10 minutes and can be done by a single person. All packing materials are recyclable.

solarc staff1 Solrx 500-Series

Many of us at Solarc Systems are real phototherapy patients, just like you. We are genuinely interested in your success and are available to answer your questions in English, French, and Spanish.



uvb narrowband 2176 Solrx 500-Series

Never before has a mid-size UVB phototherapy device been capable of so much. The SolRx 500-Series can be used as a specialized Hand & Foot device, or as a versatile Spot treatment device to treat almost any skin area imaginable. 

The 500-Series is intended for use in the patient’s home and has proven to be a convenient, effective, and economical alternative to phototherapy in a clinic.

The key features of the 500-Series are:

uvb narrowband 165nt Solrx 500-Series


The 500‑Series has both Hand/Foot and Spot treatment options. The removable yoke provides full 360° rotation.

uvb narrowband exposure guidelines top Solrx 500-Series

User’s Manual 

Includes exposure guideline tables with actual treatment times. Critically important to the safe and effective use of the device.

uvb narrowband 1153d Solrx 500-Series


Efficient design minimizes device size and maximizes Narrowband UVB light power.

warranty 1000b Solrx 500-Series

Superior Warranty 

4 years on the device, 1 year on the bulbs, plus our exclusive Arrival Guarantee. A quality device made in Canada.

uvb narrowband 3332c Solrx 500-Series


Modern high-irradiance 36-watt UV bulbs minimize treatment times.

are narrowband uvb units viable s1 Solrx 500-Series

Medically Proven 

The Ottawa Home Phototherapy Study has proven the effectiveness of this device. “All patients on home therapy were satisfied with their treatment.”

uvb narrowband 6059d Solrx 500-Series

Easy to Handle 

A sturdy handle, low-weight, and compact dimensions make the 500‑Series very portable.

shipping included canadaalt Solrx 500-Series

Free Shipping 

To most locations in Canada. The 500-Series are always in stock, so you can begin your treatments right away.

Join thousands that have found relief using drug-free UVB-Narrowband light therapy.