The SolRx 550 UVB-NB-CR

The perfect UVB-NB phototherapy solution for clinics of all sizes 


Solarc’s 550UVB‑NB‑CR is a powerful Hand, Foot & Spot Treatment Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Lamp that is “Clinic Rated” (CR) and suitable for use in a hospital, dermatologist’s office, or phototherapy clinic.

A single device can be used by itself, just like the standard 550UVB‑NB or two devices can be mounted on the optional Positioning Cart (as shown), so that hand and foot treatments can be given simultaneously.

The 500‑Series uses modern powerful “long compact fluorescent” bulbs, which have considerably more power density versus devices that use traditional T12 bulbs (1 1/2″ diameter), so treatment times are shorter. Only 5 bulbs are used in the 550CR, versus typically 8 for a traditional hand & foot unit, reducing re-lamping costs.

The primary differences between the standard 550UVB‑NB and the 550UVB‑NB‑CR is that the “CR” device has a fan to help keep the device cool during heavy use, hood straps are provided to keep the hood in place as it is rotated in the cart, and the device is electrically labeled Risk Class 2G (hospital grade low leakage). Note that for mounting in the Positioning Cart, extension brackets must be attached to the side of the devices preventing use in the standard yoke thereafter.

These versatile devices are in use at many phototherapy clinics and dermatologist’s offices in Canada. Please call Solarc for references. Please see below for more information.

phototherapy cart 550UVB-NB-CR

Here, two 550UVB‑NB‑CR devices are mounted into the cart in a typical “Hand & Foot” arrangement. The table top can be used for storage, adjusted vertically, or completely removed for better access to the devices. Four lockable casters are provided for mobility. The Positioning Cart dimensions are: 29.5″ wide (33.0″ over the black rosette knobs), 24.5″ deep, and 50.25″ high including casters.

adjustable light therapy cart 550UVB-NB-CR

The Positioning Cart’s great value is in its ability to adjust the devices to hundreds of different positions. Not only can the devices be individually rotated, but they can also be moved laterally and vertically, without the use of tools. Tools are needed only when the brackets themselves need to be relocated, which is typically only once upon initial setup. Only one 7/16″ wrench is needed – not supplied.

treating top of feet 550UVB-NB-CR

For example, here the lower unit has had the hood removed (no tools required), and the device rotated downward to treat the tops of the feet, something that typically cannot be done with competitive units. The devices can be moved by one person in less than a minute. Simply loosen one black rosette knob on each side of the unit, move slot to a new position, and re-tighten. No tools are required.

hand treatment 550UVB-NB-CR

Or in this case, the devices have been positioned to treat both sides of the hands simultaneously. This powerful setup would make for very short treatment times. It would be possible to add a third device to treat the feet. The model is 5′-10″, 185 pounds.

leg treatment 550UVB-NB-CR

The devices could also be stacked up on top of each other to create a small panel, used here to treat the side of the patient’s leg. Note the addition of “cantilever” plates to allow this position (not shown in the previous pictures, but included with the Positioning Cart).

back treatment 550UVB-NB-CR

Here, the two devices are stacked up slightly higher to allow treatment of the patient’s back. A device could also be placed on the top shelf, resting on its rubber bumpers instead of the black rosette knobs. The possibilities are endless.


Quantity One (1): New Solarc/SolRx Ultraviolet Phototherapy Lamp Unit Model 550UVB‑NB‑CR (UVB Narrowband 311) for Hand, Foot, and Spot Treatment rated for continuous use in a clinical setting treatment area approx. 2 square feet, 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 1.8 Amps, single phase (2 wire plus ground). Designed and manufactured in Canada under Solarc’s ISO-13485 quality system US-FDA and Health Canada compliant. Complete with:

  • Special inspection labeling for Risk Class 2G (hospital grade low leakage)
  • 5 new Philips PL-L36W/01/4P UVB-Narrowband long compact fluorescent bulbs. Each bulb has 36 watts of power, for a device total of 180 watts
  • High performance blower fan system to remove excess heat from the hood area
  • Hand & foot hood, removable without the use of tools. Enables unit to be tilted to any angle
  • Wire guards over bulbs, requires tools for removal
  • Mounting yoke, allows adjustment of unit 360 degrees any direction, removable
  • Digital timer, 0 -20 minutes
  • Detachable power supply cord, hospital grade, 10 feet long
  • Switchlock with 2 keys. Keys are common to all Solarc devices
  • Three (3) pairs of UV rated goggles, FDA compliant
  • User’s Manual
  • Warranty (2 years parts, 6 months bulbs, normal wear and tear excepted)
  • Device is capable of using PUVA bulbs, but a labeling change is required. A PUVA User’s Manual is not available.
  • Freight included
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Dimensional drawings available on request

The optional Positioning Cart specification is: Quantity One (1): New Solarc/SolRx Positioning Cart for use with two 500‑Series Devices for use in a clinical setting with multiple adjustable positions for each device and top shelf. Designed and manufactured in Canada under Solarc’s ISO-13485 quality system Complete with:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction, powder painted white, fastened with carriage bolts
  • Four (4) non-skid polyurethane casters with brakes
  • Top shelf
  • Cantilever Plates (4)
  • Shipped partially assembled
SolRx 550 550UVB-NB-CR