Right to Repair SolRx Devices

Solarc believes that Right to Repair

is a moral obligation in the interests of:

Providing maximum long-term value to our customers.

Reducing waste and thus improving environmental sustainability.

 1. The device should be constructed and designed in a manner that allows repairs to be made easily;

All Solarc devices, including legacy devices built as far back as 1992 (many of which are still in service), can be disassembled with common tools. All electrical components such as timers, ballasts and bulbs (UV lamp tubes) are discrete and can be removed and replaced with the same or similar components. A minimum of plastic parts are used, in favour of metal parts that typically have a far longer lifespan.

2. End users and independent repair providers should be able to access original spare parts and tools (software as well as physical tools) needed to repair the device at fair market conditions;

For all of our devices produced since 1992, Solarc stocks the same or similar electrical components, sells these spares at fair market value, and will provide technical assistance when necessary to effect the repair. All Solarc User’s Manuals include an electrical schematic to assist the repairperson.
For the typical home phototherapy user, the ultraviolet bulbs last 5 to 10 years or longer. Solarc stocks many different types of medical ultraviolet phototherapy bulbs, including all those used in Solarc devices produced since the Company was founded in 1992.

3. Repairs should be possible by design and not hindered by software programming;

The only “software” used in the devices is relatively simple “firmware” within the discrete timer. There are no built-in restrictions on repairability. The timer does not lock-out after a certain number of treatments; it is not of the “controlled prescription” type, nor has Solarc ever used that type of timer.

4. The repairability of a device should be clearly communicated by the manufacturer;

Solarc hereby states that all of our devices are compliant with the Right to Repair.


IMPORTANT: All repairs should be made by a qualified repairperson. Disconnect the power supply cord before servicing!

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