The SolRx 100-Series

The world’s only UVB-NB hand-held device that can be applied directly to the skin

The SolRx 100-Series is a premium handheld phototherapy product perfect for treating small areas of the body, unlike other handheld phototherapy devices on the market.

The SolRx 100-Series uses 2 genuine Philips lamps which double the power of the unit and keep treatment times low and manageable.

The SolRx 100-Series is also the only handheld device available that allows you to place the unit directly on your skin making treatments not only quick but easy. You can view the SolRx 100-Series and all its features below.

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solrx left sun slider solrx 100-series

SolRx 100-Series Handheld

solrx 100-series

SolRx 100-Series UV-Brush

p1010660 solrx 100-series

SolRx 100-Series Positioning Arm