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  • Avatar Katrena Bouchard ★★★★★ a month ago
    Was using handheld unit that took hours to complete treatment. My e-series unit arrived quickly and is installed in minutes. Great customer service, it is well made and easy to use. Started my 1st treatment the same day I received it.
    Life Game Changer!!!
  • Avatar Kaylee Kothke ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    When looking to buy from Solarc Systems, the website provided a lot of guidance on which machine I should use for my condition. It made finding the right one less confusing and even had the option to provide an invoice to submit to my health insurance prior to buying to see if they would reimburse costs. After ordering, the equipment arrived quickly and very securely packaged. Although it came in three seperate boxes, all pieces came at one time allowing me to set it up and use my stand up unit right away. Thorough instructions and proper eye protection were provided, all screws and reflective pieces were accounted for. From start the finish the process of selecting, buying, and receiving went smoothly. I am happy with the product and hope that with continual use my skin will reflect that mood as well.
  • Avatar Will Stebbing ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Seeing results already - I am too remote to access UVB in a facility in Canada, this machine might just be my life saver. Purchased the 4 bulb e-series so I can extend if needed, but switching sides after some trial and error and modified clothing is easy. I’d tried many other things while suffering with guttate psoriasis for 3 months, but UVB is the medicine my guttate wanted. Very simple to set up and the guide is really easy to follow. Customer service has been great, the courier actually broke the first device in transit on delivery day but another machine was dispatched by Solarc before the courier had got the broken machine back to them and second time it arrived with no issue. Feel much much better about using this rather than tanning booths to get UVB and my skin is improving everyday. It’s so easy to have this in your house and use every 48 hours when it suits you, and I can bathe to soften scales just before jumping in front of this panel. I finally have hope again. I’m so glad … More this company exists!!
  • Avatar Brian Young ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Excellent service, and good support. After 6 weeks usage as per their program, my psoriasis which I have dealt with for 30+ years , but had gotten increasingly worse, and spread to 40% of skin area, has smoothed and subsided, and itching is mostly gone. A huge relief to find something that works! Thanks!!
  • Avatar Edmond Wong ★★★★★ a year ago
    I bought a phototherapy unit here. Spencer is great to work with and they really give you personalized service. He helped me work within my budget and their after sale support is also good. They can also advise you based on which insurance provider you have, if they think it might be covered.
    It's really well built and you can tell why the price is what it is. Built to last and very solid. It came with ample instructions and documentation that gives you confidence that it's something that is meant to be repaired if it breaks down or replaceable parts.
    Overall good experience.
  • Avatar Ryan Conrad ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    There are plenty of reviews on here touting all of the great qualities of Solarc Systems, from the unbeatable quality of their products to their great customer service before and after purchase, so I won't repeat what's already evident. What's more important to me is to say the biggest thank you for dramatically changing my quality of life for the better. So much gratitude!
  • Avatar Dave ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Very good customer service. The E740- UVBNB works well at clearing up my plaque psoriasis. However, I recently added a 4 bulb add-on, for a total of 8 bulbs, in order to reduce the exposure time per session.
  • Avatar Marion Gariepy ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Best purchase Ive ever made! The Solarcsysyems staff gave me good advice on choosing a unit, installation was easy, and after three weeeks use my skin is almost clear of psoriasis!
  • Avatar Kerry Mummery ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    I am happy with my UV setup but have a question about the plug. We are moving to Australia and want an Australian plug (picture included) to replace the plug that came with the unit (2nd picture) is there anyway that you can send a replacement cord?
  • Avatar Ron Dub ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    For months I was checking out the Solarc website, going through boatloads of useful information for any questions. I’m very happy with my choice! In a little over a week, I’ve seen noticeable changes in the angriest of those ugly Psoriatic lesions (whatever you call them). If you follow the instructions you’ll be fine. Stand too close to the lights or for too long, chances are you will get a little red. Again, everything is spelled out in the instructions. The timer is fantastic for keeping things consistent. I also laid some tape on the floor to keep my distance from the light consistent as well. I’m a grumpy old man but there’s a rainbow off in the distance that I’m looking forward to reaching. Until then, I’m a happy, but still grumpy, old man that scratches a lot less.
  • Avatar N Bren ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Psoriasis is clearing after just 4 treatments! Highly recommend investing in this product. Very well made and professional. Easy to use. Very happy with this product!
  • Avatar Lillian Bayne ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    I ordered the 10-bulb Solarc unit for my home use in treating chronic eczema, saving time on having to do tri-weekly sessions at the dermatologist's. Before purchasing the unit, I called to speak with someone at Solarc and received excellent information and support over the telephone. The instructions that came with the unit were very clear and so the unit was easy to set up and use right away.
    I highly recommend Solarc. The product is great and the customer support is outstanding! I have no reservations at all in giving my experience a 5 star rating and in recommending Solarc to others.
  • Avatar Mr. Gator ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    A great experience dealing with this company. I am a customer for life. Items were shipped super fast. Very polite and helpful. I highly recommend their customer service people as well as their products. Their products are built to last and they work very well. (Psoriasis)
  • Avatar Joyce Leung ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    I bought the SolRX E series 2 bulbs single master. Thanks Nick the owner to deliver and setup. He had other clinic in South America for the same business. After a year usage with protopic, no effects. I moved to Mississauga clinic for public Davvin 29 sections. Large patches of vitiligo changes to small spots. Without any treatment this season, my lower back regain 50% to normal itself.
  • Avatar T T ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Great product and great service. Calling out Kevin Boddy who was super helpful. I got my device shipped all the way to Asia without a hitch. I did have to get some prior customs approvals at home for personal use medical devices but thankfully that also worked out fine.
  • Avatar JimDawn Robson ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    This system appears to be producing positive results for my situation. The build up on my back is reduced considerably. It has taken a while to find the ideal time setting to avoid burning skin. I'm quite pleased overall. Thanks.
  • Avatar Marco Yeung ★★★★★ a year ago
    Fantastic product and customer service. Setting up the unit was a breeze. I've been using the 4-bulb unit for just over a month and almost all of my psoriasis has cleared up! Do not hesitate to purchase one if you have psoriasis. The convenience of having a unit a home is unbeatable.
  • Avatar Veronica “Veronica” ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    I’m from Australia and I contacted Solarc by email to find out about their phototherapy units and I had a great experience dealing with this company specially with Spencer and Kevin. We exchanged several emails and had a chat over the phone where Spencer answered all my questions. Excellent customer service and very expedite. The whole process since I ordered the E‑Series 6 Bulb Master UB narrowband unite, until I picked it up from Sydney airport took only a week. I highly recommend this company and the product that I bought. I started to noticing improvement in my skin after only 5 phototherapy sessions. If you suffer from a skin condition like psoriasis don’t hesitate to buy from Solarc, the quality of their units is second to non and it’s really value for money!
  • Avatar James Brewer ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I recently had a question about bulb replacement and got an immediate and helpful response from Spencer Elliott. I decided to order new ones and the delivery was flawless. These guys do a good job, with a good product.
  • Avatar Matt Habil ★★★★★ a year ago
    Amazing products and customer service. I bought a 1000 series light a few years ago and it worked great for psoriasis. A few years later… I have a flare again and wanted to start the light. Couldn’t find the key to turn on the light though. In less than 2 minutes on the phone with solar c systems they told me they would mail a new key to me asap.
    Highly recommended!
  • Avatar J2 D ★★★★★ a year ago
    1. Product - as expected and well built. Installed against a wall and running in minutes.
    2. Guide Materials Provided - thoughtful, fulsome, leaves no questions unsanswered. Website -also great.
    3. Shipping - very fast and very well packed for a product of this nature.
    4. Assistance with Questions: when you call the web-site number the person who promptly answers the phone, actually knows all the answers to your questions. Courteous, helpful, and at the ready.
    This is rare and welcome in commerce of any kind.
    5. Exceptional company, well-run, organized, caring and thoughtful. Also, rare.
    6. More than 5 stars, hands down.
    7. This company is a great model for how all privately owned companies should be run.
    8. The product is already working very well for the user, but I knew that it would before it was purchased. Time saved is priceless.
  • Avatar m k ★★★★★ a year ago
    I’m using the lamps to treat my psoriasis. I have done about 35 treatments in exposure increments that started at about 1. 5 min. to now about 8 min. I equally split the exposure times to different body angles to complete a 360 deg. rotation of my body. I have been doing the treatments every other day after showering.
    So far, so good. The plaques have diminished almost entirely, leaving just areas of slight skin discoloration. I am reducing the frequency of sessions to every third day. I am hopeful the remaining discoloration will diminish, but will adjust exposures accordingly.
    The device has performed as expected without issue. It is easy to use and understand.
    There is no insurance claim involved. I was told about your equipment by my daughter. She is a doctor. I had undergone similar treatment at a dermatology clinic and am getting very similar results
  • Avatar FreeSoars D ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I have had my phototherapy unit from Solar Systems since 2006. It is 6' panel and has 6 bulbs. It has never, in 17 years, had any issue whatsoever! It's built like a beast mechanically. It has survived years of moving around and nothing has broken or stopped working. I haven't even needed a bulb replaced! I am amazed and thankful for this wonderful light therapy that has helped me with my Psoriasis. Not only does it clear a good deal of spots (with continual regular treatments) it can maintain them if I get lazy and skip a month of a treatment until they flare up again. It has been a true blessing and I also must say that the customer service at Solarc Systems is top notch. They are responsive and friendly! I still remember when my unit was delivered to my door in 2006. I was thrilled that now I didn't have to go to the Derms office 3x a week, and I can do it at the comfort of my home, on my times. We built a cabinet around it with some molding to store … More it, so it appears like furniture. We stained the pine wood, put brass handles on the doors and two small magnets to hold the doors closed. We did this also so it stays protected from potential cat rages when running! LOL When I use it, I use long black socks to cover my arms (where I do not have P) and a wash cloth over my face (over my goggles) for added protection. Thank you Solarc Systems for your amazing and well-built unit! 17 years going strong!
  • Avatar Bartek Derbis ★★★★★ a year ago
    Very helpful customer service. We have used the equipment for our child and so far so good. We have only used it for few months so far, so the results are not clear yet. I will definitively recommend dealing with this Canadian company. Their equipment is actually made here!
  • Avatar Robert Ish ★★★★★ a year ago
    Impressed with professional service. Really good advise and personal help when I made a mistake on my order. The company called immediately to explain my mistake and corrected the error seamlessly. lights arrived before expected. Packaging was very robust and arrived in perfect condition. Great instructions and was easy to set up and start treatments. Really happy for making this purchase.
  • Avatar Janet Klasson ★★★★★ a year ago
    I recently ordered 4 replacement 6-foot bulbs from Solarc for my home phototherapy unit. I was very pleased with how quickly they arrived, and how well they were packaged. I had a very positive experience with Solarc. Using the unit according to my dermatologist's directions, I quickly started noticing reduction in my psoriasis plaques.
  • Avatar Lucy Soulliere ★★★★★ a year ago
    I have the ten light system and use for my entire body. Sales team very knowledgeable and helpful. The unit was well packed and easy to set up. Easy to use. Great safety features. Love the convenience of having my treatments at home. Thank you Solarc Systems.
  • Avatar Wayne C ★★★★★ a year ago
    I purchased my system for psoriasis and it works great! I've been using a light therapy hand held unit for small patches on and off for a while, and it was time consuming! but this unit covers a larger area and clears it up much faster. Most creams don't work and injections are dangerous for your health! So this light therapy is the answer! The price seems a little high as my insurance wouldn't cover any of the cost, but it's worth every penny
  • Avatar Dave Olson ★★★★★ a year ago
    First and foremost, Solarc builds a QUALITY product here in Canada that is medical grade for home use. Not a toy ! Powerful is putting it lightly, I have the five bulb machine, more powerful than the dermatologist clinic.
    My hands and feet LOVE IT !!!!! So do I. Life is now painless and recovery is well on its way. Next treatment increases by eight seconds, it takes time to build up but oh so worth it. Skin happiness !!!
    My only regret, I should have bought this when Covid hit, but better late than never. Worth every penny !!!!!
  • Avatar John ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I purchased my Solarc 8-tube sun lamp back in 2003 when I lived in Canada and it has worked flawlessly since then. The only thing I had to do a few years ago was to replace the UV tubes since they have a limited life, just like any other bulb or tube. I simply ordered those from Solarc and they arrived a few days later.
    Recently, I moved to France and, once settled in, I contacted Solarc to ask if they could help me convert my lamp to 220VAC (since my Canadian lamp operates on 110VAC). I was very pleased and impressed by both the customer and technical support that I received from Solarc so many years after originally purchasing my lamp.
    I then ordered the parts required for the voltage conversion from Solarc and I received them in France about a week later. From there, Solarc gave me lots of guidance by email to help me do the conversion work myself.
    And, after disassembling the rear access panel of the lamp to carry out the conversion, I also had another pleasant discovery. The workmanship
    … More inside the lamp was very professional and the overall design was well thought out and, indeed, easy to upgrade even 19 years after it had originally been manufactured. That’s nice to see in a product, and very unusual in most products these days.
    Overall, I can say that the Solarc lamp has helped a lot in improving my psoriasis for nearly 20 years, and now I look forward to many more years of reliable operation.
    Thank you, Solarc!
  • Avatar Linda Collins ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Everything is five star about this company. Spencer is EXCELLENT, helping us through the entire process of acquiring a prescription to delivery of a master unit. Customer service is excellent, shipping is excellent, their manual is excellent , everything about this company is perfect. My husband has whole body psoriasis and stopped received photo therapy once COVID hit the USA. He felt it was unsafe being in the light booth at his dermatologist and also hated the 30 minute drive back and forth, not to mention time waiting to even get into the booth. Buying the SolarRx 720M Master was the best investment of our lives. With just 8 treatments, his psoriasis is clearing up and it had been absolutely awful. He doesn't take drugs, and steroid creams no longer work for him.
    Photo therapy has always worked for him. So we tried working with a US company that sells similar units, but the customer service and insurance issues were a nothing but a pain. After one year of dealing
    … More with this BS, I found Solarc online , got the prescription from my husband's dermatologist , and purchased the master unit with our own money. Didn't want to deal with insurance and delays any longer. Thank goodness we did, and we would highly recommended you do the same!! Spencer will make sure that your experience with Solarc is amazingly simple and successful!!
    Linda, Maumee OH USA
  • Avatar D Courchaine ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I started photo therapy at the closest clinic which is one hour away. It was helping but the travel and time costs were too much. I purchased a Series 100 from SolarC and continued my therapy at home. I continue to improve every week. Nick was most helpful in finding the unit when it was improperly scanned at our local delivery depot, but more importantly helped me understand the output of the unit so I could seamlessly continue therapy at home.
  • Avatar harold maki ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I've tried many creams and oral pills with out much results helping my psoriasis. Purchased a 4 bulb system just over a month ago now and already having noticeable improvement.
    Up date 2 months great results.
  • Avatar Eva Amos ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Received my 6 light Solarc System two weeks ago on the recommendation of my dermatologist for the treatment of vitiligo. I had been receiving light therapy treatments at the clinic but that was a 45 minute drive each way. After noticing an improvement at the clinic I decided to purchase my own in home system. The customer service I received from Solarc was outstanding, system was easy to install, easy to use. So pleased I now have the convenience of having my own system and don’t have that drive three times a week.
  • Avatar Soshana Nickerson ★★★★★ a year ago
    Solarc Systems has been amazing to deal with. They were quick, responsive and extremely helpful. The light system was easy to set up and I’m already on the mend.
  • Avatar Jared Theler ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Works great! So nice to be able to do light box in your own house.
  • Avatar Blu Room Hawaii ★★★★★ a year ago
    Service is always great! We are treated as family, that has no price. Muchas gracias Nick!
  • Avatar Jd Espid ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    The product was as described and at a very reasonable cost. Nicholas was extremely helpful and accomodating. We are very pleased with the service provided and the product purchased.
    We will certainly recommend Solarc Systems to friend, family and anyone out there who may need the products they provide.
  • Avatar Andrew Colborne ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    The unit I purchased is exactly as described. It’s well built and simple to use. One of the staff reached out after I ordered to make sure I was getting the correct plug for Canadian outlets as I had mistakenly ordered one for European outlets. He was professional and friendly. Shipping was very fast. I’m very happy with this unit.
  • Avatar George Cornali ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Great customer service and assistance with a knowledgeable staff.
    I purchased the full 5 panel system and it was easy to set up with very clear instructions.
    I started my treatments one week ago and am only four treatments in and my skin has already improved significantly! Definitely one of the best investments I’ve made for myself.
    Dr. George
  • Avatar William Peat ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I wasted 2 years of my life struggling with open sores, itchy scaling and unsightly red blotches from psoriasis. I was tired of constantly applying prescription cremes and moisturizers that simply didn’t work. I read an article online about UVB therapy and discovered Solarc was minutes away from where I lived. I immediately called my doctor and got a prescription for a UVB Therapy device.
    It took me 3 cycles to determine my skin type treatment level was 1minute 14 seconds. In just 10 days and 2 more treatments (total of 5 sessions) the scales and sores disappeared, I have zero itchiness and only a slight pinkness where the biggest psoriasis patches were located.
    If you have psoriasis and topicals aren’t working for you this might be the miracle cure you are looking for.
    I now understand why my local dermatologist doesn’t offer this treatment…she would run out of patients in a week.
  • Avatar Maureen Ward ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    The delivery of the light unit was fast. It was expertly packaged and damage free. The light unit itself is easy to use and we can’t wait to see results. (Previous experience in a professional phototherapy clinic was successful but too much of a commitment to keep up - home is the way to go!)
  • Avatar Diane Wells ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Our purchase went extremely smoothly from Solarc was shipped and received promptly and customer service was quick with a reply to us when we had a question after receiving our light! We are excited to improve the Vitamin D level in our bodies using this light! Thank you so much.
  • Avatar Beth Mowat ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I have had psoriasis for over 50 years and have experienced the treatments available. I have found that photo therapy works best for me but found that multi weekly trips to the clinic for this treatment to be very inconvenient. A friend recommended the Solarc home system and I have been using it for 4 months now. I couldn't be happier with the results and the convenience of having the system in my own home.The product and product support are excellent. I wish I had bought this system sooner.
  • Avatar Gordon Montgomery ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Very recently I bought a system from Solarc to help with my psoriasis. To date I have not noticed any improvement in my condition, however it has only been two weeks which I don't believe is enough time. I can say though that the system was very easy to install (basically just several screws in the wall), easy to use and appears to be very robust. I picked the unit up myself at Solarc-the entire team was friendly and a joy to work with.
  • Avatar Shannon Unger ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    This product has changed our lives! Using the Solarc light panel my Dad bought a Solarc for his very severe psoriasis back in 1995 literally changed his life so positively, his skin is virtually clear since using it. About 15 years ago, my psoriasis got really bad so I would go to my parents and use the light and I am now blessed with clear skin also. Recently my 10 month old grand daughter has broken out with terrible eczema and I contacted Solarc to see if she would be a candidate to use the panel and they have suggested a different type of bulb from the ones we had back then but with dermatologist supervision she can have clear skin too! I HIGHLY recommend this company and their products and advise. Thank you Solarc!
  • Avatar Louise Lavigne ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I started suffering from psoriasis about 8 years ago and at first it was quite manageable and could be treated with cortisone creams but it worsen with time. I have been able to control the major flair-ups with phototherapy at my dermatologist's office but with the pandemic this spring that wasn't possible. This company was recommended by a dermatologist to my daughter who also has psoriasis. I used to have to drive 30 minutes for a 5 minute treatment and then drive back at least 3 times a week. I finally purchased a 10 bulb wall unit and it is the best decision I have ever made for my skin. The results are amazing and the convenience of using this unit in the comfort of my own home is fantastic. After 8 weeks of treatments every 2 days, I am once again in remission and my skin is clear. I couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend this company.
  • Avatar Nancy Leston ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Since I live rather remotely, I decided to buy a five unit system (one master and four add-ons) instead of driving four hours round trip for less than a minute of phototherapy in my dermatologist's office three times a week. It was a life changer. Talk about convenient.
    The service was great when I bought the system in 2012, and again today when I called parts that went missing when the unit was packed up for moving.
  • Avatar Guillaume Thibault ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I'm really happy with the purchase. Excellent customer service too! 5 stars!
  • Avatar Kathy D ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I purchased 2 panels of Solarc systems early March. I have been faithfully using it for at least 4 to 6 days per week. This has changed my life without having to use prescription drugs or steroids or travelling to get this treatment. I have psoriasis all over my body...and my psoriasis is almost gone in a month and a half. I have soft skin and the scales are smooth and just look a little pink now. I will be able to wear shorts this summer unlike last summer.
    Thankyou Solarc this is a game changer.
  • Avatar Jeff McKenzie ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I have been dealing with psoriasis for quite some time now. After using the light I can say with the utmost confidence that it works and would suggest it to anyone who is suffering from a similar condition. Could not be happier with the product as well as the service that was provided for me. All around, exceeded my expectations and I now have clear skin.
  • Avatar Graham Sparrow ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I have mild eczema, and bought an 8 bulb system 3 months ago.
    I was taking phototherapy sessions at a clinic, and found it helpful ,but travel, and wait times took a lot of time, and now with Covid-19, the phototherapy is closed
    These units are well made, reliable, and safe when exposures are monitored by a dermatologist.
    They arrive ready to use, and attach to the wall easily and only 6 inches deep. My skin is almost clear, and the itch is almost all gone....
  • Avatar Eric ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    We have been using our 8 bulb vertical wall unit for several years. The results my wife has experienced have been a godsend to her MF diagnosis . She was diagnosed with mycosis fungoides ( form of cancer) which has caused her remarkable red spots over much of her body and it was freighting to us all. Initially and for the previous 5 years was diagnosed as eczema! that changes once she seen a proper dermatologist. These red blemishes left untreated could become tumours - we initially contacted Solarc about replicating hospital treatment at our home.....what we got from Solarc was more information and links to information the led us to better understand what we were dealing with - we cannot say enough good things about these people - the information provided also help us decide what equipment we needed and would be best - we reviewed all that was sent to us with our specialist assigned to my wife case. They fully endorsed our plan and reviewed all the specifications which added to our confidence … More - today we are happy to report that she is near free of any blemishes and stays that way with regular exposure to the light treatments - All i can say is that we are glad we picked up the phone and called Bruce and company at Solarc - these people are game changers and could not say enough good things.
  • Avatar Guy Constantin ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Je suis très satisfait de mon appareil. Je suis enfin en mesure de contrôler mon psoriasis !
  • Avatar Ali Amiri ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    My dad and I have loved using our Solarc machines the last 6 years. For my dad it literally has changed his life. He used to have to drive with gloves on due to the sun and would never have had any sun exposed to his skin without having crazy reactions... probably due to the liver toxicity from taking prescriptions medications for many years. So he didn't go out into the sun for around 20 years. He uses his Solarc machine daily and the last few years we have traveled to Thailand twice, Mexico twice and Cuba... and each time he swam in the ocean and was able to be out in his swim shorts and in the sun and ocean without any problems. He would not have ever even dreamed of being able to do that before... so yea, your machine has literally changed his life! Thank you for making such amazing products!!! For me it has helped with depression over the long rainy Vancouver winters. Everyone in Canada should have one of these!
  • Avatar David Nixon ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    I am 24 years old and have been struggling with psoriasis for years. I tried many different creams and medications but nothing seemed to work. After getting a Solarc light system I have seen drastic improvement with my skin and can't imagine getting through a winter without it.
  • Avatar Libby Nixon ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    This device was exactly what I needed, I have seen great results and the team couldn’t have been more knowledgeable or helpful!
  • Avatar Bonnie Castonguay ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    My hands which were cracked, dry, thick, and peeling, sometimes bleeding when I finally saw a dermatologist, was diagnosed with psoriasis, used steroid creams which helped but not much, then I began photolight therapy at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina. I did two treatments a week for a long time. When I had done 350 treatments, working up to 10 minutes,which always helped a lot, I was plain tired of going for these treatments. I often travelled for a month in winter and other shorter trips during these years and so, when I returned had to start over at 3 or 4 minutes so my hands would not burn. The benefits of the light therapy would go up and down. Then I found the ad for Solarc and bought a five bulb unit so I could do it at home. I began doing treatment 3 then 4 then 5 minutes (I never went higher) every two days consistently, no breaks for 6 months from December to June. My hands got better and better and better and are now clear of psoriasis. If other factors are involved, … More I cannot know but a home unit with more frequent treatment definitely was part of my cure. I understand psoriasis can "just go into remission". Why it comes and why it goes, no one really knows. I really "look" cured, my hands are soft, the skin no longer thickens. Phototherapy gives a really good chance of improvement and possible clearing. I have no need to see my dermatologist and I have not even used the unit for 4 months now. I'll keep it. Any sign of return and I will use it again. (I only ever hand it and used it on my hands)

It is our greatest pleasure to hear the success stories of our customers, and a great source of inspiration.

This is a sample of some of the comments we have received in the last few years or so.

I purchased 2 panels early march and have been increasing my ultraviolet light time. each week. and my skin has healed almost 100%. These are before photos and after photos.

Thankyou. I’m so happy
And that’s was only a month
Kathy D., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx E-Series Complete Systems - 2

K before uvb phototherapy testimonial
K after uvb phototherapy testimonial

Hi Solarc Team,

I am using your full body system for treatment of psoriasis mainly. However I must admit, it has helped my joints immensely as well. I am still in the clearing phase.

I really haven’t any real issues with the unit, only slightly burn once, I simply dialed back to the prior setting and all was well. I went as high as 2:36 but I’m now dialed back to 2:14 and seem to be okay, I use the unit three times a week as requested by the doctor.

Manulife Financial was actually great to deal with, and I received 100% coverage with my plan.

Solarc Systems team was wonderful and I’ll be honest one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. I would highly recommend them and the Philips Bulb system. I haven’t felt this good in years.


Bruce P., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx 1790

Solarc phototherapy product has been a blessing.

My psoriasis was severe with no relief from prescribed medications.  When a hand held unit of UVB light was used, it was very time consuming and gave limited success. Due to Covid, phototherapy clinics were closed. Deciding to purchase a four bulb Solarc unit has been the best decision.

Within two weeks I saw positive results. Treatment started with two minutes per side every two days after a shower and progressed to using 2.5 minutes per side every 4 days. Originally, a slight mild burning occurred due to learning to adjust the effective exposure to the UVB light. Currently, I am at the maintenance stage.

The unit is expensive and thus we did try to claim some compensation from Manulife with no success, even after applying an appeal. Most unfortunate for a very effective treatment within your home and not requiring further medications.

Overall, I highly recommend this Solarc UVB light therapy for psoriasis. It has restored my self esteem, especially in the summer when I can wear short sleeve shirts and shorts again without embarrassment.

I rate it 10 out of 10.

Peter R., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx E-Series 740 Master

I am thrilled with the unit and am very pleased to have rid myself of the tedium of applying ointments that don’t really work over the long term. I’ve been dealing with this disease for over 30 years, generally with progressively worse symptoms. This is the next best thing to a cure, as far as I’m concerned, and wish I would have done this long ago.

Improvements were seen within the first couple of weeks of use, with dramatic improvements after 2-1/2 months. I am currently in the maintenance phase of treatment.

I was initially treating for 3:20 per side, as per the recommendations, then continued at 4:00 minutes per side after about one month. I was completing 4 or 5 treatments per week. I recently went on a business trip for a week and have noticed that the psoriasis is still under control (just starting to come back), so will start a maintenance phase once per week.

Greg P., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx E-Series Complete Systems

I purchased your handheld device to treat my psoriasis. I have patches on my elbows, shins from the top of the foot to my knees on both legs and a few spots on the back of the legs, a small patch on my back and scalp.

My elbows are clear and the back patch is almost gone. I’m so thrilled! My legs are still a work in progress though. Although my legs have improved they are no way cleared like my elbows.

I should have listened to you. You recommended I go with a full-body unit and I wished I had. I find it very difficult to treat my legs so as to not overexpose where I have already treated. Do you have any recommendations?

Otherwise, I am very pleased with your UVB therapy unit.

I’m confident that I would be in total remission now if I had purchased your larger unit.

Laurie M., ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx 100-Series Handheld

I used the device for psoriasis which I have had since 1981. I have used photo-therapy for 38 years (PUVA and UVB). UVB only for last 23 years. My skin condition has improved dramatically with the home unit because I am not missing any treatments as I was when I had to attend at a Dr.s office (45 miles away).

I am currently in the maintenance phase, which is one treatment every 4 days for 2 minutes per side. I do 4 sides, front, back and two sides. If I was not stopping my treatments to go to Hawaii for two months, I would gradually reduce my treatment to once every 10 days or so and eventually stop until the psoriasis returned.

I have had no issues with the unit at all, I have had no adverse effects. I have had 26 treatments since I received the device. I started at 45 seconds per side and have worked up to 2 minutes which I have been at for the last 6 treatments. I am going to Hawaii for two months so will not have any treatments while I am away. I will wait for my psoriasis to return before starting up with treatments again. I expect I should be good for the next 6 months or so based on past experience with my skin.

I had no insurance help. Paid for the unit myself. It was costing me $20 in gas and three hours of travel time to attend a session in another city (closest available to where I live) before I got the unit. I have saved over $500 in gas if I had had to travel 26 times so far plus three hours of my day. I expect the unit will pay for itself within 3 years.

I am completely satisfied at this time and my overall experience is I should have gotten a home unit years ago. Skin has never been clearer, no missed treatments anymore and I’m saving money and time.

I see my dermatologist once a year and she is aware I have a home unit.

Feel free to use my feedback as you wish.

Very satisfied customer,

Rick G., BC, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx E-Series Complete Systems - 2


My psoriasis is gone! Best money I have spent! I had on 70% of my body, it was mentally affecting me at that point. I started using and it is gone in 1 month! I now use only 1 once a week or as needed if stress brings a flair up. My dermatologist was amazed at the results.

I live on a small island outside Vancouver so traditional light therapy was not an option because of travel. Thank you!

For the first month, I used 3 to 4 times a week for 1.5 minutes front and back and 30 seconds on each side. Now just 2 minutes preside once a week.

Thank you,

Oydis N., BC, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx 1790

I am happy to give you feedback after using the unit for a year. I love my Solarc Phototherapy Unit and my quality of life has improved so much after using it. I use it for psoriasis and am now about 90% clear right now.

That is from using the unit all last winter, 3‐4 days a week, beginning at 1.5 minutes and going up to 5 to 7 minutes on my worst areas. I did have some redness and then just cut back on the time. So far, I haven’t had any problems with the unit.

For the first time in 15 years, after using the phototherapy unit all last winter, when May arrived, I started going out in the sun and swimming in the ocean and was about 90% clear by mid‐June and could stop using the unit for the rest of the summer. (Except for my back areas, which I still did but only about twice a week for a short time ‐‐‐light maintenance.

I am back using the phototherapy unit now about 3‐4 times a week, for about 5 minutes front/back and each side. I’m about 85% clear as it comes back in the winter, but really, it is 50/50 clearing/maintenance.

I play tennis and wear skirts now and no one stares at my legs because they are pretty much clear except for a few stubborn spots on my knees, which, after the past 15 years, I can happily live with.

I would recommend this unit to anyone with any skin issues. It works and I love it and am so thankful for your company. I wish I knew about it years ago. So, yes, you may use my response in any way you like as I hope it helps other people with skin issues learn of your product.

I can’t think of any improvements.

Thank you again,

Karen R., NS, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx E-Series Master

  • Much improved. 90% clear
  • No problems with instructions.
  • No burns or anything. I started with very short sessions and have not had to increase them
  • 1 minute and 25 seconds per side
  • I made a block out board for the top half of the light because my problem was from the waist down. It hangs on the hooks.
  • If you made a block‐out board that would hang on the hooks and was foldable to different lengths, it would be a good accessory.
  • Very satisfied. Best skin I’ve had in years and I save on prescription ointments
  • 9/10 satisfaction. Consider me a promoter
Frank D. ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient, SolRx E-Series Complete Systems - 2

My hands before and after narrowband UV Light therapy using the Solarc Systems 550 hand and foot machine. These results are after a mere 7 weeks of treatment.

Rick, AB, Canada

Psoriasis patient

The SoIarc Home Phototherapy has been a LIFE CHANGER.  Nothing has helped my Severe Psoriasis as much as these light therapies.  All MD’s want to do is give you the newest drug on the market with severe life threatening side effects in the US.  Desperate to get relief from my Psoriasis which covered 80% of my body, I tried a few.  Ended up in hospital with Pancreatitis and nearly died from prescribed drugs. 

My wife searched the internet  for help.  God was with her when she found Solarc Home Photo Therapy.  Scales are lessening and skin is actually completely healed on buttocks and lower back which was severe and painful to sit or lay.  Hardly any scales in bed in morning.  Legs have more healing to do, but I know they will be healed in time.  I am so grateful to Solarc Systems. 

Thank You!!!

Randy G.

Psoriasis patient

RL l before1 uvb phototherapy testimonial
RL 1 before uvb phototherapy testimonial
RL l after1 uvb phototherapy testimonial
RL r after1 uvb phototherapy testimonial

I would say my condition has improved about 98%!! I write this with tears of joy! I have worn shorts this summer and a short sleeved shirt to work even!! My husband can’t stop touching my smooth back and legs! BEST THING EVER!! I am approaching my maintenance phase! I am so thrilled by this. 

My nose was getting burned slightly when I would up my time. I have since just increased my time by 5 seconds instead of 10 and this seems to have helped tremendously. I am currently at 2.35 per side, 3 days a week.

My overall experience was amazing!! The gentleman I talked to and asked questions to prior to my purchase was so patient and kind when dealing with me. He even handled my crying like a champ (tears of joy, but still!!). The system came in so quickly and has changed my life and has got me excited about summer for the first time in my life!

Tammy, AB, Canada

Psoriasis patient

I would like to say that I am very pleased with this device. I have had no problems with this equipment at all and it works very well at keeping my skin condition in check. It has enabled me to treat my condition at home rather than making a two hour trip to the Doctor 2 to 3 times a week. I suffer from a skin condition that the 4 different Dermatologist’s I have seen are unable to determine the cause or even classify it as anything other than some sort of “Dermitits”.
I have included some pictures taken in 2010 when the problem first appeared. Early treatment included different drugs such as High doses Prednisone and Cellcept. I stopped the use of these drugs due to the dangerous side affects associated with them. My doctor then started me on the NB UVB treatment which worked very well after about 3 months. 
However, as I mentioned earlier, the drive time was a killer so I stopped after about 9 months hoping the problem had been cured. Not so, the skin lesions returned although not as bad but still bad enough. I then purchased your product and began treatment as soon as it arrived I purchased this device out of my own pocket because my insurance would not cover it (Kaiser Permanente of California). But that’s is ok. It is worth every penny I paid. I followed the user manual guide lines for treatment times and after about 2 months my condition improved by 90%. It is almost non existent with only an occasional outbreak that is very slight. It takes a little longer and I have to change positions 3 or 4 times during treatment than the unit at the doctor’s office, which was a fully enclosed unit. Other than that it woks just as well. I am currently in the maintenance phase of treatment. My treatment time is; 3min 30sec front facing, 3min 30sec rear facing and 2min 40sec side facing(each side). Treatments are 2 or 3 times a week as needed. I have had no burning or discomfort. As I stated before I have had no problems with the device it works perfectly. It was easy to unpack and setup and I am very happy. You are welcome to use any portion of this feedback for your marketing materials including the enclosed pictures.

Larry, CA, USA

Psoriasis patient

LD1 uvb phototherapy testimonial
LD2 uvb phototherapy testimonial

I am happy to report that the Phototherapy lamp unit (1000 series, six foot, 10 bulb panel) has worked very well for me. After receiving the unit in late January 2015, I proceed to use the unit every other day for a period of time (Feb-Mar). By the end of March 2015 my condition had improved to the point that for April and May I used the unit only three times per week. May 20th was the last time I used the unit as my condition has cleared. My reason for using the unit was to clear the itchy red bumps called Grover’s Disease. It is a transient disease. In previous outbreaks, I had been treated at the doctors (dermatologist) office. However, Medicare refused to cover the treatment this time. Consequently, with my doctors’ approval, I purchased your unit. I will be going back to the doctor tomorrow for a checkup. However, I’m happy to report that, for the present, I am clear of the problem. I has no problem with the device or the user’s manual. However, the goggles were difficult. The tab on the sides which fit over the nose were painful to the skin. I used the goggles I had received from my doctor for when I was receiving treatments there. I followed the advice in the manual and increased my exposure time gradually to a total of nine minutes. No burns or other problems. So, in summary, the device worked very well for me. You may use my feedback in your marketing.

David, Ohio, USA

Transient acantholytic dermatosis (Grover disease) patient

The skin issue seems to be a combination of pruritus secondary to age and medications, and angioedema secondary to one of my drugs (which I stopped). Nevertheless the phototherapy definitely helped the itch, and now I am trying to just use the sun! I shall likely use the device again in the fall, when there is less sun exposure possible.  I am a physician and I have not yet addressed this with my GP.

Your company was suggested to me by a colleague, who herself has Psoriasis, during a morning seminar. 

The areas I have treated are clearly better than those I have not (the worst itch is on my forearms which are well controlled) but I tend to be too lazy to properly treat my back (the wand is a little too small for that, although I get a larger exposure by standing further away and using a longer exposure time.

All in all, I am quite happy with it.

Brian, ON, Canada

Ezcema patient

My treatments are highly successful. In all honesty, SolArc owners manual and sales rep Gary have been more helpful to me than any MD I’ve seen. I believe your home equipment is superior to the National Biological clinical equipment I’ve used at the local University Dermatology Department.

I experienced an ongoing problem with the University Dermatologists and their insistence on treating with a One Size Fits All approach. At the clinic I experienced frequent NBUVB burns and constant bullying for not being able to receive “a full therapeutic dose.” Fortunately, one of the Dermatologists is reasonable and responsive to my treatment concerns regarding CTLC-MF (Mycosis Fungoides) diagnosis. While my regular Dermatologist would like me to accept corticol-steroid and chemo drug treatments, she is supportive in treating with NBUVB only.

Update: I started Psoriasis Protocol from your manual using the Expandable M1 + 2A set up. Exposure time increased much slower than protocol suggests, finally reaching 2:05 two x per week by the end of the second month. By the end of the second month, my skin was 95% clear. While skin will occasionally react to tx with a mild warm reddening that passes within a few hours, I have experienced absolutely no skin burns from home treatment.

I maintain at 2:05 one x per week and my skin is beautifully clear and completely comfortable. I do not see oncologist, but visit my skin doc 2-3 times a year. She is quite impressed with results and recommends that I continue with present protocol.

Cate, NM, USA

CTCL-MF patient

I would say my condition has improved about 98%!! I write this with tears of joy! I have worn shorts this summer and a short sleeved shirt to work even!! My husband can’t stop touching my smooth back and legs! BEST THING EVER!! I am approaching my maintenance phase! I am so thrilled by this. 

My nose was getting burned slightly when I would up my time. I have since just increased my time by 5 seconds instead of 10 and this seems to have helped tremendously. I am currently at 2.35 per side, 3 days a week.

My overall experience was amazing!! The gentleman I talked to and asked questions to prior to my purchase was so patient and kind when dealing with me. He even handled my crying like a champ (tears of joy, but still!!). The system came in so quickly and has changed my life and has got me excited about summer for the first time in my life!

Tammy, AB, Canada

Psoriasis patient

I absolutely love my lights would never live without them. My skin has cleared up by 90 percent in a year. Scalp still an issue but not as bad as it was. Need to shave hair off to clear completely lol. Use every second day now, turn four times for 1:55sec. Each turn. So happy with my purchase it may have cost me with no insurance but was well worth the initial price. Thank you so much for your assistance and follow up.
Ryan, CA, USA

Vitiligo patient

I absolutely love my lights would never live without them. My skin has cleared up by 90 percent in a year. Scalp still an issue but not as bad as it was. Need to shave hair off to clear completely lol. Use every second day now, turn four times for 1:55sec. Each turn. So happy with my purchase it may have cost me with no insurance but was well worth the initial price. Thank you so much for your assistance and follow up.
Theresa, ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient

From 2003 to 2013, the eczema on the back of my calves was getting progressively worse. At Christmas 2012, living in Toronto, I had to wrap my legs with tensor bandages that went under my jeans before going outside. In October 2013, I began using Solarc’s 6 foot tall UVB narrowband lamps (I have 2) and that winter my skin condition was gone and remains gone! Further, I was doing research on Vitamin D and I got my vitamin D blood levels tested in April 2013 and it was the most deficient possible result: 25 nmol/l. In May 2015, after an 8 month stretch of very consistent Solarc lamp sessions, my vitamin D tested at 140 nmol/l. 140 is considered in the optimal range by many progressive health care practitioners. It represents the vitamin D levels that the remaining hunter gatherers in Africa have. Overall, I am thrilled to be free of my skin condition and to be optimizing the sunshine vitamin which I was so lacking.

LI, ON, Canada

Eczema and Vitamin D patient

I’ve been using the phototherapy for a few months now and have been pleased with the results. Initially there was about 90% clearing on my elbows and ankles which were my worst areas. This happened after about 15 to 20 treatments of 2:30 min.

The Phototherapy System has been working great, I been using it to help control my psoriasis condition. Originally my body was about 50% covered mainly on my arms, legs, rear, and back. My back and rear is now clear, still some on the elbows, and the legs still have the most coverage. Guessing I am down to about 35% coverage of psoriasis on my body, so I’m still in the clearing stage. Been using the system 3 times a week, 3 minutes on the front and back, 2 minutes on the right and left side, totalling 10 minutes each session. No skin burns or anything like that, my dermatologist continues to remind me not to overexpose to avoid future skin cancer or similar conditions. The system has been a blessing, it has been more convenient to use at home, then visiting the doctors’ office three times a week. My insurance at that time did not cover for it, the reason is that my location to the doctor’s office was close enough that I could use the system there. Anyhow, thank you again for providing this wonderful home system at a reasonable price. To be honest with you, the system you build to help people treat their conditions is really priceless. God bless always.

John, OR, USA

Psoriasis patient

I have had Great success with this unit. I have had psoriasis for 40 years and have not had this much success with topical products. I chose this device as my primary mode of treatment as I do not want to take biologics. Topical treatments were not working anymore. 

I would recommend this unit to anyone who suffers from psoriasis as a possible alternative to topical steroid treatment or biologic.

Randee, ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient

I am happy to report that the ‘system’ is working just fine. It took several weeks before my skin cleared up. I diligently took the treatment every second day as suggested, working up to 5 minutes each side. I stopped at 5 minutes because I am an impatient person and thought that long enough. Luckily I am not severely afflicted with Psoriasis, mostly my legs are affected with the odd spot here and there on my trunk or arms. Once my skin was clear, I went on the maintenance program, and I was away on vacation for several weeks. But of course it does not take long, and a bit of stress, for lesions to reappear. So now I am getting back into a regular routine again. There have not been any problems with the equipment and the manual is very explicit. We were very impressed with the quality of the equipment and my husband had no problem installing same. I have not had any skin burns, in the beginning a bit reddish, but no adverse effects as far as I am concerned. The product is very solid and well constructed, the service was prompt and excellent.

Gwen, NY, USA

Psoriasis patient

I bought the 1740 narrowband UVB machine and have been using it in conjunction with Protopic. My main vitiligo affected areas consisted of the abdomen, armpits, neck, legs, and elbows.

I found that the Solarc unit and protopic combined have been extremely effective in repigmenting almost all areas. The improvement in the armpits and elbows is much slower than the other areas. I saw the first few dots of colour appear just after two weeks of using the machine. After about 4 months of use, I was at about 50% repigmentation and after 6 months, I was at about 80-90% in all areas except the armpits and elbows which remained at about 50%. Obviously, the solarc unit has proven to be extremely effective on me and I would highly recommend it to anyone. However, I believe its effectiveness depends on which areas of your body are affected by vitiligo and how long you’ve had it, etc. For example, I believe that hands and feet are much harder to repigment. Thanks for your help and for creating a great machine.

Lucy, ON, Canada

VItiligo patient

I have been using the System, almost exclusively to treat the palms of my hands. The treatment has been going well; my skin condition has been as good as it was when I was under a physician’s care. No problems with the equipment or User’s Manual. I have not had any burns or other adverse effects. I was successful with my insurance claim. Thank you for your product.

Roger, UK

Psoriasis patient

Just wanted to give you an update. My psoriasis is almost completely cleared (I’m the only one that can see it really). I’m so excited. It’s been 2 ½ years since I last saw my skin looking so good. Such a relief and a boost to my self confidence. Up until 3 weeks ago I thought I’d be wearing long sleeves and pants all summer long – not anymore! So as you’ve probably already predicted I’d like to know my options for buying the machine I have or purchasing a new or used one?

Tracy, ON, Canada

Psoriasis patient

We just set up the unit. We’re using it for correction of Vit D deficiency. We’ll recheck our serum Vitamin D next month after about 10 treatments. We’re taking 2 treatments/week. The manual and setup were straightforward.

Ruth, VT, USA

Vitamin D patient

I can’t even begin to express to you how this device has changed my life. Within a few days of treatment I saw a difference. Now, most of my spots have been reduced to just dry or pink patches with little to no flaking. I can wear short sleeved shirts without a second thought for the 1st time in nearly 10 years. My psoriasis had been getting progressively worse (new patches and the old one’s were always growing), but with the UVBNB, many are completely gone with no sign of them returning and others, close to my feet are a bit resistant. Overall, I feel I have my life back, like the sentence of home confinement has been lifted. I feel liberated! Now I pretty much just do maintenance treatments maybe once a week. My insurance company is United Health Care; and after much ado, and many calls, they finally paid 90% of the cost. Phenominal! I was very lucky and very persistant. So, I guess you could say I’m SUPER happy with your product. If I believed in miracles I would have to say this is one. I wish this was the only line of treatment given to psoradics, I mean for 10 years I’ve used steriods that did nothing but aggravate the situation, and within days…DAYS!!! I saw a significant difference. Thanks for checking in, I’ve been looking forward to telling you all Thank you!

Psoriasis patient

I am almost completely cleared. I only have maybe two or three little pea sized lesions. I have had absolutely no problems with the light box. It has truly made a world of difference. I don’t have to worry about the stresses of going to the Dermatologist for treatment. I can do them in the comfort of my own home. Unfortunately government insurance does not cover the purchases of light boxes, at least not mine. Treatment is available at the hospital where I do my follow ups and because of that my doctor specifically said that the government will not pay for it. It states that on the prescription. Keep doing what you are doing. This was one of the smoothest purchases I have ever done. I was really impressed with your service. I was a little nervous at first; making such a large purchase on line. But you were courteous and the delivery was prompt. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone that that I know that needs therapy


Psoriasis patient